September 2022


Cement Companies’ Profitability Seen Dipping 15% On Input Costs

However, the 17% demand growth in cement demand during the first quarter, albeit on the low base last fiscal, offers a silver lining, the report noted, saying though growth may taper in subsequent quarters, and print in at 8-10% for the full fiscal, it will still be the highest since fiscal 2019.

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Netflix’s Mike Verdu has got game and he’s bringing it to Disrupt • TechCrunch

Is game streaming the next big chapter for Netflix? So far, the streamer has remained mum on the topic, despite recent job listings calling for cloud gaming skill sets. Netflix told TechCrunch it’s always looking for talent and exploring new product ideas, adding, “We have nothing else to share at this time.”

The company launched Netflix Games in 2021 with more than 25 downloadable games available through its mobile app, but less than 1% of Netflix’s subscribers want to play its mobile games. If the company launched a cloud gaming service similar to PlayStation Now, Google Stadia or Amazon Luna, it would allow the company to expand beyond mobile devices to TVs and computer screens — no consoles required — and possibly attract more gamers.

Game streaming has its challenges — latency, for starters — but holds big potential. According to a report by Research and Markets, the global cloud gaming market size is expected to reach $20.94 billion by the year 2030 — up from $1.6 billion in 2021.

Should Netflix, with a subscriber base of around 221 million, tap into that potential, it could help the streaming service recover from what has been a very tough year.

That’s a lot to unpack, and we have so many questions. That’s why we’re thrilled that Mike Verdu, the vice president for games at Netflix, will join us for a fireside chat at TechCrunch Disrupt on October 18–20 in San Francisco.

Netflix tapped Verdu in 2021 to head up its new gaming division. Since then, the company has acquired three game studios: Boss Fight Entertainment, Night School Studio and Finland’s Next Games (for $72 million alone).

Regardless of rosy market predictions, many of the players betting on game streaming have struggled, and it’s not entirely clear whether consumers actually want it. We can’t wait to hear Verdu’s take on the company’s mobile game strategy. We’ll ask about their plans to branch into game streaming and talk about the challenges facing the broader game streaming market.

We’re also curious to hear more about how and where Netflix will invest in the sector and how the company wants the Netflix consumer experience to evolve.

Mike Verdu has been focused on bringing great games to Netflix ever since the company started providing games as part of member subscriptions in November 2021. He works with both internal studios and external developers to create and deliver games in a variety of genres for Netflix members around the world.

Before joining Netflix, Verdu served as VP of content for Facebook’s Reality Labs (now Meta), where he was responsible for Oculus Studios, as well as the teams bringing second- and third-party AR/VR games and apps to Oculus VR headsets, Oculus Quest and Quest 2.

Prior to Facebook, Verdu was COO and co-president of games for Zynga. Previously, he served as SVP at EA Mobile, where he ran most of the company’s gaming studios — including EA’s Los Angeles studio, where he worked on RTS and FPS games.

TechCrunch Disrupt takes place on October 18–20 in San Francisco. Buy your pass today and find out why Disrupt is the place where startups go to grow.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at TechCrunch Disrupt 2022? Contact our sponsorship sales team by filling out this form.

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Why Only 15% of LTC Holders Are Making Profit

Litecoin has made it to the list of the best altcoins to buy in 2022. But for the past 24 hours, the crypto has fallen prey to the volatility that is currently wrecking havoc in crypto space.

As of this writing, Litecoin (LTC) is trading at $52.43, down nearly 1.1 percent in the last seven days, and losing 2.5 percent in the last 24 hours, data from Coingecko show, Monday.

At a glance, it can be said that LTC is on the same boat with Ethereum, the world’s second biggest crypto by market cap.

But when taking into consideration the percentage of its holders that are making profit, a great disparity can be seen.

Litecoin Holders In Tough Spot, Profit-Wise

TipRanks, an online data provider, revealed on September 25 that only 15% of the total holders of Litecoin are making profit and 12% are on status quo, leaving 74% dealing with tremendous losses. This was before the altcoin started to hit below the $53 mark.

In comparison, Ethereum is doing better than its fellow digital coin. Data shows 51% of its holders are in profit while 46% incurred losses. The remaining 3% are breaking even.

The huge difference between the percentages of holders of the two altcoins enjoying profit is not much of a surprise as Ethereum is pushing for a bullish streak following the initiatives to improve its network.

Litecoin, on the other hand, was left to deal with momentum-derailing losses.

Network’s Stagnant State Causing LTC Decline

Litecoin’s network has little to no activity at all and that is one of the reasons why it is failing to catch up with the likes of Ethereum.

With its stagnant state, Litecoin is forced into a bearish outlook along with the majority of the cryptocurrency market.

Over the past weeks, the crypto space continued to bleed and that trend is still continuing up to this date.

Ethereum, meanwhile, despite showing some struggle to maintain trading price of $1,500, is the subject of excitement of the crypto community as it recently transitioned into proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism with what the space is calling “The Merge.”

While the historic event failed to deliver the rally that was expected of the king of all altcoins, it gave holders and investors something to look forward to.

LTC total market cap at $3.7 billion on the daily chart | Source:

Featured image from Cryptotelegram, chart from

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Post Flight: Was is really that easy for the Eagles (vs. Washington)?

Welcome to Post Flight, PhillyVoice’s weekly Eagles reaction show that airs the morning after each Birds game. Hosted by Eytan Shander, Post Flight features a rotating cast of PhillyVoice writers, including Jimmy Kempski, as well as other guests from around the football world.

From in-depth analysis of the most recent game to looking ahead at what comes next, Post Flight has you covered no matter what type of fan you are. And we do it all in about 30 minutes. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s edition of Post Flight…  

Week 3: Eagles 24, Commanders 8

Was it really that easy? Did the Philadelphia Eagles really just obliterate the Washington Commanders – making Carson Wentz look like a child in the process? Yes. The defense was stellar and DeVonte Smith continues to shine. A.J. Brown gets his TD and the Eagles offense was uncontrollable in the second quarter. Hear from Jalen Hurts, Smith, and some of the amazing calls from the game!

If you’d rather just listen, you can do so on Spotify, here. And as always, be sure to like and subscribe.

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Tennessee football crowd didn’t hide their NSFW feelings toward Florida

Tennessee football fans have suffered through recent history against rival Florida so the Vols faithful let out an NSFW chant while beating the Gators. 

Prior to Saturday in Neyland Stadium, Tennessee football has had a truly awful time in their annual meeting with the rival Florida Gators. The Vols had lost 16 of their last 17 meetings with the SEC East foe coming into the game and were trying to shed that unkind history in front of 100,000+ orange-and-white-clad fans.

They were able to do that. Though Florida tried to give every Vols fan a panic attack late with a touchdown and recovered onside kick, Tennessee was able to come away with a 38-33 victory that wasn’t all that close for much of the game before the late-game madness. And as they are wont to do, the crowd in Knoxville was pounding their collective chest.

Of course, considering we’re talking about a passionate crowd that hates the Gators, just saw the team win for only the second time in the last 18 years, and has likely been indulging in some tailgating and in-game adult beverage festivities, the Vols fans in attendance on Saturday let their feelings be known in a loud, loud and NSFW manner with a simple chant: ‘F**k you Florida!”

Tennessee football crowd breaks into NSFW anti-Florida chant during huge win

While Florida fans are probably in their feelings about this, the fact of the matter is that this is all relatively harmless. Sure, the language being used isn’t safe for work, but when you’re talking about a group largely comprised of college kids, this isn’t crossing any serious line when it comes to the Volunteers.

More importantly, though, we’re likely going to see Tennessee football and the fans start puffing out their chests even more moving forward. The win over the Gators now has them ranked inside the Top 10 in the latest AP Top 25 and they are looking like a team that could, at the very least, challenge the likes of Georgia and Alabama this season.

But for now, they can bask in the glory of getting past Florida. And if I had to guess, their sentiments from this chant haven’t changed a few days after the fact.

For more NCAA football news, analysis, opinion and unique coverage by FanSided, including Heisman Trophy and College Football Playoff rankings, be sure to bookmark these pages.

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UCO Bank To Soon Start Rupee Trade With Russia, Says CEO

Trade between India and Russia has thrived in the past few months, despite the threat of sanctions due to the war in Ukraine. Total imports of items such as sunflower oil, fertilizers, silver, printed books, coriander seeds, and furniture items jumped more than 61% during the April to July period to $2.1 billion, from $1.3 billion a year earlier, the Mint newspaper reported, citing data from the Commerce Ministry. 

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‘Insane’ — UK Tech reacts to Gov moves that might hand UK startups contract to Barclays Bank • TechCrunch

Tech Nation is trailing in second place in the race to remain the UK’s government-backed ‘startup champion’ after the latter put the £12 million contract out to tender, according to TechCrunch’s sources. First in line at this point in time – in a decision which is due in December – is banking giant Barclays. Tech Nation’s existing government funding runs until March 2023.

But the prospect of a profitable, global bank taking over the contract has been branded “insane” and “mad” by some key UK industry players.

On the weekend, The Sunday Times reported that government officials have been concerned that Tech Nation was “breaching state aid rules because it had failed to become self-sufficient” which led officials to put the contract out to tender earlier this year.

However, although the Times reported that Tech Nation had lost the contract, TechCrunch understands that the final decision has yet to be made. Plus, it’s understood that Tech Nation is intending to carry on ‘as is’, even without the government subsidy, supported by fundraising from sponsors, subscriptions and partners.

Barclays had applied for the contract through its network of Eagle Labs incubators, some of which have physical locations, but most do not.

It’s thought this, if patchy, nationwide-presence is helping to woo the government in its so-called “levelling-up” agenda as it seeks to boost more start-ups outside London.

If successful, Barclays would also be able to administer the Home Office’s digital visa scheme, though it’s unlikely to have a monopoly on this.

Again, it’s been erroneously reported that Tech Nation would lose this capability. The £12m funding and the operation of the Visa scheme are in fact separate issues, and the final government decision will have no baring on Tech Nation’s role, designated by the Home Office, to endorse the Global Talent Visa.

Tech Nation has long been embedded in the UK tech startup scene. Tech City UK, its predecessor, was launched in 2011 by former prime minister David Cameron and concentrated largely on the London ecosystem until 2018 when it merged with Tech North (based in Manchester). It’s since gone on to run a myriad of programmes connecting tech startups and scale-up with each other and with investors in the UK and abroad.

The non-profit is chaired by Lord (Jo) Johnson (Boris Johnson’s brother) and chaired by former Sage boss Stephen Kelly.

Gerard Grech, chief executive of Tech Nation, said the body’s work represented a “£15 return on every £1 invested by the government.”

In a statement he told me: “We’ve supported over 4,000 tech companies from around the U.K. More than 30% of the UK’s 122 tech unicorns (eg Monzo, DarkTrace) have graduated from a Tech Nation programme (49 in total to date). Some 44% of the UK’s decacorns graduate from a TN non-dilutive accelerator growth programme (failure rate is less than 5% thus far).”

“Hundreds of tech firms have signed up to the Tech Zero pledge, co-founded with companies like Mozo and Olio, which commits tech companies to Net Zero. Our Libra growth programme shines a light on founders and leaders from under-represented sections of society as does the latest Diversity & Inclusion toolkit we recently launched for tech founders to help them develop a more diverse workforce,” he said.

“Today, Tech Nation’s work represents a £15 return on every £1 invested by the UK Government. This is one of the best ROIs for the taxpayer in the most strategic growth area of the economy,” he added.

Tech Nation’s recently published annual report said it could remain a going concern if government funding was withdrawn.

The industry has reacted, broadly speaking, with dismay that a massive global bank would be handed sole responsibility for supporting the UK’s tech startup ecosystem.

One source told City A.M. that the move was “like letting an arsonist teach kids about fire safety” given that the bank would have to support programmes for startups in the fintech space, putting it into a conflict of interest.

Another said the government has “effectively handed Barclays funds to acquire new customers” and was a “potential competitor or customer of the startups it’s meant to be supporting.”

Speaking to me on a condition of anonymity one investor called the government’s decision to put Tech Nation’s funding in doubt was “insane.”

“It’s mad. We need to shout this into oblivion. We can’t hand the support to the tech ecosystem to an incumbent bank! Everyone needs to know how mad this is,” he said.

Another VC told me the decision to put Barclays in the front-running for the contact was “like President Bush declaring ‘Mission Accomplished’ after the Gulf War, when the war was far from over. I don’t know what the government was thinking. I suspect this new government cares more about banking and financial services than tech.”

Brent Hoberman, founder of and now head of FirstMinute Capital commented on LinkedIn: “[I] Have been a fan of Tech Nation and the hard work and impact they have had and the creativity to expand their role. It’s a tough job and the scrutiny that rightly comes with government money makes it especially hard to experiment. Barclays will need to find leverage to have more impact and scale.”

Ian Merricks, Managing Partner at White Horse Capital and Chair at The Accelerator Network, and a rival bidder for the Tech Nation contract said it was “hard to be more incensed at this use of public business growth support funding. I imagine the ‘winners’ have a larger lobbying function than we do, as a private sector consortium.”

Tanya Suarez, Founder & CEO | IoT Tribe, commented: “Surely this provides an unfair advantage and could be used to influence the founders choice of banker at several stages of growth. I wouldn’t be happy if I were any other UK high street bank or other financial institution that has been supporting founders over the years. Let’s not forget Barclays had a net operating income of £22 billion in 2021 and profits of £7 billion. If they really wanted to do this, they should carved out a minute amount of that to cover the £5-6M a year that they will receive… I don’t believe they need grant money to do it.”

Nichola Bates, Head of Global Accelerators and Innovation Programs at Boeing, said: “I don’t see how this makes sense for Barclays, or the eco-system. At £12m it probably costs Barclays more to bid for it. But surely this is work they would (and should) be doing anyway – without the need for Govt money?”

Grech said the decision was in the hands of the DCMS.

A DCMS spokesperson said: “No final decisions have been made. The successful grant recipient will be announced in due course.”

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Top 9 NFT and Crypto Airdrops For September 2022

Airdrops are one of the best marketing methods for cryptocurrency startups to promote their projects. There are different ways to do it, but it essentially involves sending free tokens to crypto users’ wallets in exchange for promotional work.

One of the most successful airdrops in crypto history was DFINITY, a Swiss nonprofit blockchain company that airdropped $35 million worth of DFN tokens, between $500 – $2500 worth of DFN to users who signed up to protocol’s mailing list before April 4th, 2018.

The best NFT and Crypto Giveaways in September

We have compiled September’s top airdrops across the crypto world, including giveaways from DeFi, gaming, and NFTs projects with long-term potential value.

1.    MAD Metaverse – Largest Play-to-Earn Airdrop to Date

MAD Metaverse is preparing the largest NFT airdrop for this September 2022, a giveaway of $10 million of the game’s native currency, $BIOMETA, and 10,200 MAD Metacells NFTs.



MAD Metaverse is a gamified DeFi ecosystem where you can enhance the performance, rarity and value of your NFTs. Users will be able to create living digital organisms, evolve NFTs, fight against other players, and collect $BIOMETA, the most precious resource in the MAD Metaverse.

The game focuses on the concept of Evolving NFTs, presenting players with three playable NFTs: MAD Metascientists, MAD Metacells, and MAD Nanocells. These are self-aware organisms whose attributes and artwork can evolve over time in response to gameplay and therefore increase in value. It also features 3 Play&Earn Environments where you’ll be able to earn crypto and NFTs: The Lab, NanoWars & MAD Metaverse.

There will only be 10,200 MAD Metascientists accessible to users, and those who own 1 of them will have significant advantages over those who don´t. Additionally, those who mint a Metascientist will get 1 Metacell as a bonus as soon as The Lab is released. Users must register to the MAD Whitelist at to participate. These will give them access to:

  1. MAD Metascientists Mint (30th November)
  2. MAD Metacell Free Mint (30th September)
  3. $10 million worth of $BIOMETA giveaway
  4. Access to exclusive channels in the MAD Discord
  5. Information about future mints, airdrops, and whitelist spots from collabs.

2.    Tamadoge – $100k Airdrop

$TAMA is not the typical memecoin to pump and dump —it has a certain degree of utility in the Tamadoge ecosystem, which consists of a metaverse, an NFT marketplace, and a play-to-earn game. The project is calling the attention of the crypto community, particularly memecoin enthusiasts, naturally, and has managed to raise over $13 million so far.

The Tamadoge team is giving away $100,000 worth of $TAMA. The winner must hold at least the equivalent of $100 of $TAMA on the day of the draw.

Users must complete the tasks in order to be eligible:

  1. Go to Tamadoge’s airdrop page.
  2. Enter your wallet address.
  3. Follow Tamadoge on Twitter.
  4. Tweet about the project and tag Elon Musk.
  5. Join Tamadoge’s official Discord Channel.
  6. Refer friends for extra entries.
  7. Follow Tamadoge on Instagram.
  8. Visit Tamadoge on Youtube.

3.    My NFT Wars

My NFT Wars is an upcoming, World-of-Warcraft-inspired Play-to-Earn RPG game developed by Play2Earn Ltd, a new joint venture with Blockchain Cuties Universe and iLogos Game Studios, which have an extensive record of award-winning projects in the P2E industry.

My NFT Wars and Blockchain Cuties Universe are giving away exclusive NFTs with whitelist spots to celebrate their partnership. The airdrop starts with 25 NFT cuties and 20 WL spots for My NFT Wars IDO (Initial Dex Offering).

The airdrop ends on September 14. To participate, users must go to the game’s airdrop page, follow both companies on their social media channels, refer friends to earn entries, and tweet about the airdrop. The top 5 participants will receive 5 Nouble NFT Cuties, while the top 20 will receive 20 standard NFT cuties.

4.    inSHAPE – Earn Crypto While Exercising

inSHAPE is launching an airdrop ahead of the app’s Beta release in October. The giveaway consists of $14,600 worth of NFTs and SHAPE tokens for users who complete social tasks.


inSHAPE is a blockchain-based app that rewards users with SHAPE tokens for working out. The difference that separates inSHAPE from other Move-to-Earn apps is that they reward users for performing different exercises and sports, not just running or walking. The app is free to use, and its utility token has use cases beyond the blockchain world.

To participate, users must sign up on the official airdrop page, connect their BEP20 wallet and complete the tasks to earn entries. They can also earn more entries if they refer to someone else. It goes as follows:

  1. The app will pick 20 random participants who will be lucky enough to win 1,000 SHAPE ($2,000) tokens each.
  2. The top 3 users with the most entries will receive 1 NFT inSHAPE Wild Card All Sports VIP Edition.
  3. Each inSHAPE NFT has three levels of rarity: VIP Edition Common, VIP Edition Uncommon, and VIP Edition Rare. The rarer, the better the benefits for the owners.
  4. The app will display winners on the giveaway page at the end of the airdrop. All awards will be distributed to users via BEP20 wallets.

5.    fan C Token – Watch to Earn

fan C Token (fanC) is a watch-to-earn platform designed for users of the short-term content platform CELEBe. It provides an NFT marketplace under the concept of creator economy, in which users can earn crypto by looking at videos, images, or listening to audio files and more from their favorite content creators. These files are NFTs that users can create, buy and sell to their viewers.

The platform announced on August 26 an airdrop of $76,000 worth of FANC tokens that will be distributed to 3,270 random winners. Users must visit the fanC airdrop page to participate and complete the tasks. Winners will be announced on September 30 on their official Twitter channel.

6.    Cornerstone – One Coin to Rule Them All

Cornerstone (Corn DAO) is a blockchain platform that offers Metagovernance —a mechanism in which one token is used in the DAO governance of multiple DeFi protocols.

Cornerstone allows $CORN holders to participate in the governance protocol of multiple decentralized apps across gaming, web3, NFTs, DeFi, and more. NEAR Protocol,, and Aurora are some blockchain projects that use Cornerstone to manage their assets and maximize capital efficiency.

Cornerstone is giving away 10,000 CORN tokens to users who participate in the Cornerstone community activities. The airdrop will end on September 19, with the winners and rewards arrangements announced on the same date. To join, users must follow a few simple steps:

  1. Head over to the platform’s official Discord server.
  2. Add corn emojis to their Discord profile names.
  3. Interact with the community and stay active on the server for 15 days during the airdrop campaign
  4. Get to know the three types of community activities within the Cornerstone Discord Community Campaign.

7.    MAXX Finance

MAXX Finance is a high yield-generating protocol built on the Polygon Network. It allows users to stake $MAXX tokens to earn a long-term and sustainable yield.

The protocol is airdropping $5000 in $MATIC to 100 entrants each time they reach +10,000 subscribers, and 200 million MAXX tokens will be shared by 200 entrants who join before the Liquidity amplifier launch.

Participating is quite straightforward: go to the MAXX Finance Giveaway page, enter your email and full name, and complete all tasks. The airdrop ends on September 22.

8.    Archimedes Finance

Archimedes Finance is an open-source protocol for lending and borrowing crypto assets using its native stablecoin, IvUSD, as collateral. As part of the protocol’s upcoming launch, the giveaway consists of 10,000 OAT NFTs and 3 whitelist spots. And how to participate?

  1. Go to the Archimedes Finance’s Airdrop page.
  2. Register using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account
  3. Follow Archimedes Finance on Twitter,
  4. Tweet about the protocol and retweet their posts.
  5. Complete all required tasks.

9.    Breathe NFTs – 3D Pixel Avatars

Breathe is an NFT gaming project in which users can create and customize 3D avatars and perform different activities, such as buying and selling in-game items, renting plots of land, interacting with other players in its upcoming Metaverse, and more.

The Breathe team is giving away 5555 Breathe NFTs in Ethereum, of which 50 are free to mint. Each NFT will mint for 0.2 ETH during the presale and 0.23 ETH in the public sale. The mint date starts on September 15 on their official website.


The whitelist can be found at Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden. To participate, users must have at least 0.05 ETH in their ETH wallet and be on the Breathe NFTs Discord servers.

Closing Thoughts

Here we reviewed some of the hottest airdrops for September 2022.

Airdrops are extremely popular now in the crypto industry, becoming the best method for crypto startups to involve investors in their projects. They are not exclusive to crypto, though, since most airdrops started as a way for companies to hand out free products to gauge consumer engagement and raise product awareness.

It’s the same with crypto, except that companies are replaced by DeFi protocols and free products with free tokens.


Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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Law \ Legal

Is It Bad When Opposing Counsel’s Writes Judge, ‘Here We Are Again’? Asking For Elon Musk.

Elon Musk

(Photo by Diego Donamaria/Getty Images for SXSW)

Elon Musk tried to buy Twitter. More accurately, “Elon Musk tried rile up his troll fanbase with a goof about buying Twitter.” But he took it too far, signing papers to overpay for the company while ordering his attorneys to waive due diligence protections because lawyers are smart and cautious and Elon Musk is not those things.

Now Twitter is taking him to court because contractual obligations are real things. Musk’s case wasn’t particular good from the start — except these guys making up different facts and laws to generate clickbait for Musk fanboys — but he might be making it a lot harder on himself with some dangerous discovery shenanigans.

In a recent letter, available here, Twitter’s counsel wrote the judge detailing a number of alleged discovery abuses. That it begins with “here we are again” is not encouraging for Musk’s fans.

Twitter is seeking Musk’s correspondence related to the deal. Musk’s production includes critical gaps at key junctures. Twitter asked if Musk used “self-deleting” platforms like Signal to guarantee that his messages would disappear so they could not be produced. Musk’s counsel said in April that he didn’t “ordinarily” use Signal. As gaps became more glaring, Twitter asked Musk’s team in September to re-confirm that this really wasn’t a gap caused by an effort to keep all discussions about breaching the contract on self-deleting message platforms. Musk’s lawyers responded, “neither Elon Musk nor Jared Birchall conducted business related to the Merger using Signal messages.”

You can imagine where this goes from here…

Third-party productions revealed that co-investor Marc Andreessen’s involvement in the deal arose through the app: “If you are considering equity partners, my growth fund is in for $250M with no additional work required.” That message was deleted by preset design (as indicated by the red-boxed timers), and is only available to Twitter because Andreessen’s fund took steps to preserve it.

The Stringer Bell Rule only works if you don’t take notes at all. You can’t leave a paper trail and just assume the other side will also delete their copy.

It’s one thing to have conversations lost in the ether. It’s another to have those conversations when you know you’re heading to litigation. And it’s a way, way worse thing to have those conversations, lose them, and try to pretend they never existed.

“Maybe Musk didn’t think litigation was in the offing during the relevant period?” you ask. Well…

  • During the relevant time period, Musk exchanged 19 text messages with Alex Spiro ( ), one of his closest advisors. Exs. 9- 11. None of those messages were produced and only three were logged.

Alex Spiro is not a deal lawyer. Musk was talking to his trial counsel during the relevant period. Pinpointing the moment litigation became “reasonably anticipated” can get fuzzy, but it’s safe to say it happens before “calling your litigators.”

There are other exchanges that Twitter now has that the letter describes as “neither produced nor logged,” which has a certain Airplane quality here of being offered steak and fish and saying, “yes, I had the lasagna.” You can do one or the other but doing nothing is traditionally frowned upon.

It’s almost as if people like Musk and Trump were put on this Earth to get their lawyers in trouble. There may not be a better explanation for these guys.

Musk’s strategy, at this point, seems to be to create enough smoke around Twitter’s bot representations — something Musk openly talked about not trusting before the deal and then waived any right to investigate — will spawn a government investigation that he could cite as an independent material adverse event.

He might pull it off, but getting on the judge’s bad side during discovery isn’t going to help.

Earlier: Twitter Complaint Demonstrates That Every Lawyer, Everywhere, Always Is Smarter Than Elon Musk
Elon Musk Will Beat Twitter! WSJ Says It’s Obvious… Assuming You Change Every Single Fact And Law.

HeadshotJoe Patrice is a senior editor at Above the Law and co-host of Thinking Like A Lawyer. Feel free to email any tips, questions, or comments. Follow him on Twitter if you’re interested in law, politics, and a healthy dose of college sports news. Joe also serves as a Managing Director at RPN Executive Search.

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NFL shifts Pro Bowl to skills competitions, flag football game

The Pro Bowl as we’ve known it is over. 

The NFL announced Monday morning that it’s doing away with the annual NFC vs. AFC exhibition, instead opting for a week’s worth of skills competitions and a flag football game on February 5, 2023 that the league is now dubbing “The Pro Bowl Games.”

The All-Star event, that’s long been in need of a revamp, will return to Las Vegas for a second straight year, with programming and promotion being helmed by Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions. Manning, a 14-time Pro Bowler, will also be a consistent on-air personality throughout the week and be part of the coaching staff for the flag football game to cap things off. 

The Pro Bowl has been a point of criticism for years, decades even, from fans and players alike. It’s a meaningless game that renders the risk of injury completely pointless, which means the league’s best – who actually attend, that is – never go at full speed. The end result is usually a high-scoring, but often boring and entirely forgettable affair. 

But with a shift to skills challenges and flag football, the league is hoping this will reignite interest.

“We’ve received invaluable feedback from players, teams and fans about reimagining the Pro Bowl, and as a result, we’re thrilled to use The Pro Bowl Games as a platform to spotlight Flag football as an integral part of the sport’s future while also introducing fun, new forms of competition and entertainment that will bring our players, their families and fans closer than ever before,” said Peter O’Reilly, NFL Executive Vice President of Club Business and League Events, in a statement.

The Eagles had five Pro Bowlers last season – center Jason Kelce, cornerback Darius Slay, defensive tackle Javon Hargrave, defensive end Josh Sweat, and kicker Jake Elliott – and while the game itself lost its luster a long time ago, a selection to it still means something. 

Sweat, for example, made the Pro Bowl as an injury replacement for San Francisco’s Nick Bosa, but in May talked about how he wanted to make the NFC roster “straight up” next time. 

“I don’t want to wait my turn and see if I’m going to get in,” he said

Now, how the new format will incorporate linemen will have to be seen, but Kelce has a few ideas:

Follow Nick on Twitter: @itssnick

Like us on Facebook: PhillyVoice Sports

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