3 trade deadline targets from potential surprise sellers

New York Mets

Jose Abreu could be an answer for the New York Mets at the DH spot. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The New York Mets could be in the market at the trade deadline to add any of these three players from potential sellers.

This could be a thrilling MLB trade deadline for the New York Mets. It should be. The team faded in the last two months of the 2021 campaign. They need to learn from their mistakes and have a more productive trade deadline this year than last season’s acquisitions of Javier Baez, Trevor Williams, and Rich Hill.

The Mets are fully expected to do whatever it takes to make themselves better. While we shouldn’t expect them to sell off too many major pieces in their farm, there are plenty of guys from surprise sellers they can add for cheaper.

Several MLB teams are beginning to feel the burn of the long season and fade from contention. If they continue to struggle, these three players might be there for the Mets to add for their potential playoff run.

1) Mets trade target from a potential surprise seller: Jose Abreu

Thank goodness for the universal DH. Otherwise, Jose Abreu and Pete Alonso wouldn’t be able to exist on the same roster without one of them looking goofy at another position.

The DH spot for the Mets this season has been a major weakness. From Robinson Cano to Dominic Smith to J.D. Davis, they haven’t gotten much. They are very much in on guys from expected sellers. Trey Mancini of the Baltimore Orioles makes sense for them as would Nelson Cruz of the Washington Nationals or even his teammate, Josh Bell.

A trade within the division might be difficult. And between the production Mancini and Abreu can provide, Abreu has the better track record.

The Chicago White Sox aren’t quite out of it yet but they’re certainly anchoring more toward become trade deadline sellers. Abreu, a guy who has knocked in 100+ runs in every full season of his career dating back to 2014, also happens to be headed toward free agency after this season. With over $19 million owed to him this year, the White Sox would be wise to shop him around.

It’s not a perfect fit because of his defensive limitation. Alonso and Abreu each only play one position. However, together in the same lineup with one regularly DH’ing and the other doing the glove work, it’s not such an awful plan.

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