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Alan Dershowitz Calls The Proletariat To The Barricades As NYAG Sues On Behalf Of Banks

Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump Continues

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After New York Attorney General Tish James filed suit alleging that Donald Trump kept two sets of books and routinely used fraudulent valuations to the detriment of both lenders and government, Newsmax needed to find someone with some lingering lawyerly legitimacy to assure its viewers to pay no heed to the damning over 200-page complaint behind the curtain.

So the network lit the Alan Signal and he delivered.

Viva la Dershowitzión!

For those unfamiliar with the state of New York, it has these resident institutions called “banks” and protecting them from fraud committed by other corporations doing business in New York, like the various Trump LLCs, is kind of the AG’s whole deal. Of course the banks could sue themselves — and some likely will! — but banks don’t have the broad investigatory powers of the state government and would never be in a position to get Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg to flip. As the latter development appears to be the key to the AG’s whole case, Dershowitz has his answer.

And, of course, his preening for the right-wing media machine glosses over all the TAX fraud alleged in the complaint. So to answer his question, “Who were the people defrauded here?” THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK.

Dershowitz, one hopes, knows all of this. But he also knows his audience and is the consummate zealous advocate for the Trump cause.

Still, to go far enough around the Newsmax bend to come out ready for the communist revolution against the Deutsche Bank bourgeoisie is really something.

An elevation of this peculiar art form to be sure.

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