Andy Reid gives Chiefs fans hope for more moves on Tuesday

The Kansas City Chiefs already made one trade this season, but there could be more according to head coach Andy Reid.

The Kansas City Chiefs made an upgrade to their already-scary offense when they traded for Kadarius Toney during their bye week. Toney is poised to make his debut for the team in Week 9, but before then, the NFL trade deadline hits.

While the Chiefs could stand pat at the deadline feeling confident about their chances for the rest of the year — especially considering they could still make an Odell Beckham Jr. signing after the deadline — there is still more time to make a move. The deadline is Tuesday at 4 PM.

Head coach Andy Reid hinted as much earlier this week.

Andy Reid hints the Chiefs could make more moves

On Monday, Reid had this to say to reporters, H/T Chiefs Wire:

“I mean, we keep everything open,” Reid told reporters on Monday. “There is a chance that somebody gets traded or that we pick somebody else up. This is— everything seems to happen at the 24th hour in this business. There seems to be more activity at that time, but we’ll just see how it all rolls here.”

According to Albert Breer, the Chiefs are looking at upgrades on the defensive side after making their first trade on the offensive side. They have inquired about Jacksonville Jaguars edge rusher Josh Allen.

With the Bills making an offseason move to get Von Miller with the goal of getting Patrick Mahomes on the ground, it would be pretty sweet to do the same by getting Josh Allen the defensive player to get some hits on Josh Allen the quarterback in the AFC Championship, which looks like it’ll probably be Chiefs-Bills.

The Chiefs are fine if they don’t make a move today, but they definitely still could. Let’s see how it pans out. We’ve got just a few hours to go before we find out for sure!

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