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Anna Delvey’s Latest Project May Not Be The Financial Windfall She’s Hoping For


    Anna Delvey Steps Out For Parole Meeting In New York

    Anna Delvey (Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images for ABA)

    Ed. Note: Welcome to our daily feature Trivia Question of the Day!

    Convicted fraudster, aka the Fake German heiress Anna Delvey, reportedly has a new reality TV show coming to the air: Delvey’s Dinner Club. What’s the colloquial name of the New York law that may prevent her from cashing in (the law prevents those convicted of crimes from profiting from them, profit must first satisfy any civil judgments brought by victims of the crime)?

    Hint: Named after an infamous serial killer, the law is rarely invoked — that Delvey previously ran afoul of it for the Inventing Anna series (her assets were only unfrozen by the state to pay restitution to her victims).

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