Antonio Brown took another shot at Tom Brady over Gisele divorce rumors

Antonio Brown is still taking shots at Tom Brady, and won’t stop tweeting about his family or marital issues. 

Just when you thought Antonio Brown couldn’t control himself, he outdid himself –again. This time he took another shot at Tom Brady and his potential divorce from Gisele.

It was once again on Twitter that the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver posted a tasteless image that now drags Brady and Gisele’s children into the slander that Brown has been posting lately. status/1579057351336034306?s= 46&t=qGwaS4G3o-w4DcYENQY8xw

It’s incredible to think that just a year or so ago Brady stuck his neck out for Brown. Amind a myrid of legal and personal issues, Brady convinced the Bucs to bring Brown in and give him another shot — just as he did a year before with the New England Patriots. Brady took him in, sheltered him, and even won a Super Bowl with him.

And now this. Talk about biting the hand that feeds.

Naturally, Twitter was, for the first time in a long time, on Brady’s side. They let Brown have it, and rightfully so. qGwaS4G3o-w4DcYENQY8xw qGwaS4G3o-w4DcYENQY8xw

Antonio Brown took a really low shot at Tom Brady and will regret it

It’s truly mind-boggling to see just how hard Brown is going at Brady given their history together. Beyond the working relationship, what kind of person takes delight and basks in the glory of someone’s family struggles?

Among the many things Brown has said recently about Brady, it seems to warrant some sort of a response. It’s one thing to go at Brady, but it’s another to involve his family and make them a target in whatever weird vendetta Brown has against his former teammate.

At this point, it really does seem as though Antonio Brown won’t ever play in the NFL ever again. He’s got no one to blame but himself. It’s a free country which means he can use the massive amount of free time he has to continue to take shots at Tom Brady, but ultimately, he’s the one that will continue to suffer. It’s no longer a shame; it’s just disgraceful.

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