Antonio Brown tweets tone deaf joke about exposing himself at hotel pool

Free agent NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown tweeted a joke about an incident in which he exposed himself at a public pool. 

It seems that whenever Antonio Brown is mentioned these days it’s never for a good reason. Once considered to be the best receiver in the NFL and on a path that would eventually lead him to Canton, Brown has gone off the deep end in more than one way.

Brown’s mental health has been a growing cause for concern in recent years for bizarre incidents. These range from weird things like feuding with the Raiders over the type of helmet he can use to stripping down and running off the field in the middle of a game, to more heinous and serious incidents that involve domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Since running off the field barechested in the middle of a game while with the Buccaneers, Brown hasn’t played another down in the NFL and it seems unlikely that he ever will again. That’s not stopping him from both continuing his concerning off-field behavior or thinking that he still has a future in football.

Brown’s most recent incident involved exposing genitals to a woman at a hotel pool in Dubai. A video of the incident went viral, and it’s still unclear exactly what the context of the incident is other than what we’ve seen on the video. Brown is both laughing off the incident and trying to his potential return to the NFL.

The tweet came after he once again announced his retirement from the league, something he’s done countless times since his shirtless incident in the Meadowlands back in 2021.

Given the many off-field incidents that Brown has been involved with over the course of his career, it’s not terribly surprising that this is his reaction.

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