Believe it or not, Freddie Freeman is apparently happy in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman claims he is happy after a tumultuous couple of months, which included parting with his agent and an emotional Braves reunion.

Freeman parted ways with his agent shortly prior to reports suggesting Casey Close misled him in free agent negotiations, pushing him away from Atlanta and towards Los Angeles. That was obviously a huge allegation from Doug Gottlieb, who is now being sued by Close for libel.

Perhaps Freeman just needed some space, especially after his return to Atlanta was met with a mix of emotions, including regret.

But the last month or so has been electric on the field for Freeman, who headed into the All-Star break with some of his best career splits over that timespan. His overall numbers are scary as well, as manager Dave Roberts coined them, since Freeman is hitting .324 with a .401 OBP.

Dodgers: Freddie Freeman is happy for now

It was only a matter of time before Freeman settled in. Red-hot at the plate, he’s grown accustomed to a previously-unfamiliar setting.

on FanSided’s The Incline Dodgers podcast this week, play-by-play man Tim Neverett insisted that Freeman is happy.

“What’s interesting to me is [Freddie] likes to take the same bus that I do into the ballpark. … I see him on the bus all the time,” Neverett told The Incline. “I see him in the hotel. I see him in other areas where a lot of people don’t get to. And he is — contrary to what some people may have wanted to write about him — it’s not like it sounds. He loves where he is. He really does. And I see him interact with his teammates in private, in certain areas. I’m on the plane with him. I see how it goes down.”

So there you have it. Freeman is a private guy — always has been, always will be. But don’t mistake silence with discontent.

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