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Biglaw Firm Gives Associates An October Surprise In The Form Of Raises

money pumpkinHalloween is almost upon us, and one Biglaw firm recently gave its associates the best treat of all: raises. That’s right, the end of 2022 is nearly here, and law firms are still handing out raises.

Which firm is the latest to scare up an increase in compensation?

We’ve heard that Littler — the world’s largest employment firm, which ranked at No. 71 in the most recent Am Law 100, having brought home $658,578,000 gross revenue in 2021 — is offering its associates even more money. If you recall, Littler was the only firm to hand out special bonuses this past summer (that we know of), so its salary increases are even more worthy of coverage.

We’ve been told that during a video town hall presentation earlier this month, the firm announced raises for all U.S. associates. The raises are based on market and associate level, and sources say that the increases range from about $10,000 to $55,000. We’ve reached out to the firm for comment, and will provide an update if and when we hear back.

Salaries at he firm are highly individualized, and while Littler’s salary bump may not match the Cravath money that’s become the prevailing rate in most major markets ($215K for first-years and $415K for eighth-years, to be specific), money is money, so congratulations to everyone at the firm!

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