Braves avoid potential disaster on controversial Pete Alonso play

Atlanta Braves fans should be thrilled that Travis d’Arnaud survived his Polar Bear mauling.

Not since The Revenant have we seen a full-grown man heroically overcome certain death at the expense of a most ferocious bear.

Although Travis d’Arnaud may not win an Oscar for his performance behind the dish for the Atlanta Braves in Game 2 of their doubleheader Saturday night vs. his former team, he does have a son named Leo. All the while, “Polar Bear” Pete Alonso broke his rusty cage and ran right through a Chris Cornell lookalike. He waited for him there like a stone before getting bowled over.

Here is the controversial play where MLB replay decided to screw over the Braves once again and overturn the out call at home.

D’Arnaud’s X-rays thankfully came back negative, as he is now listed as day-to-day.

The New York Mets have won three of the first four games vs. the Braves in this August series.

Atlanta Braves fall on black days vs. New York Mets, but Travis d’Arnaud is okay

No doubt about it. This NL East division rivalry series has been revealing for the reigning World Series champions. The Braves are certainly good enough to make an expanded postseason, but it may not be in the cards for Atlanta to catch the Mets. It is all about getting into October, but the Braves are likely to face teams in San Diego, St. Louis, Milwaukee or Philadelphia in the NLWCS.

As far as how this series goes, it is personal for d’Arnaud. The Mets are the team he is most closely associated with prior to coming to Atlanta. He was a top prospect in their organization before getting called up. Though he was a good player for them, his best ball has happened to come in an Atlanta uniform over the last three seasons. All of his accolades have come here.

Ultimately, the Braves find themselves in a rare spot of adversity entering the final game of the five with New York. It has been well-documented this bunch has struggled in days games. However, Atlanta has yet to go on a three-game losing streak this season. No other team in baseball can claim that. Something has to give, right? Either way, Atlanta needs to figure it out.

Look for William Contreras to be behind the plate before Atlanta heads to Boston on Tuesday.

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