Brian Snitker speaks on Braves’ upcoming White House visit

Atlanta Braves manager Brian Snitker is excited for the opportunity to go to the White House.

Brian Snitker and the rest of the 2021 World Series Champion Atlanta Braves will get to visit President Joe Biden at the White House on Monday, Sept. 26.

Atlanta will be making its final trip to the nation’s capital this season when the Braves begin a three-game road series at the Washington Nationals. The last time the Braves got to go to the White House, it was in 1996 when Bill Clinton was in office. This was a championship for Braves Country some 26 years in the making. Snitker has been with the organization since the 1970s.

Here is what he told Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the opportunity of a lifetime to speak with the President of the United States of America and visit the White House next week.

“It’ll be a great experience. We’re world champions, and we get to go to the White House,” said Snitker. “That’s kind of something special to get to tour and experience that. I think it’ll be something I’ll remember the rest of my life.”

Atlanta’s visit of the White House will take place only a few hours before they play Washington.

Brian Snitker reflects on the Atlanta Braves getting to visit the White House

Since President Biden took office, things have been way less political, and for the better, when it comes to championship teams visiting the White House. Things have been way less chaotic and considerably more apolitical. These visits are about celebrating the teams, players and coaches for what they accomplished the season prior. For many, this will be their only opportunity to ever go.

While being able to shake the hands of a noted Philadelphia Phillies fan in his place of residence is kind of hilarious, there is nothing funny about the NL East race that is coming down to the wire between the Braves and the New York Mets. Although Philadelphia is almost certainly going to make the postseason as a NL Wild Card team, Atlanta and New York want that first-round bye.

Atlanta only has NL East opponents remaining on its schedule, while New York has to play the NL Wild Card-contending Milwaukee Brewers, as well as the struggling Oakland Athletics out west. Regardless, it is always great to see the champion of a notable league get the opportunity to visit cordially with the leader of the free world. Atlanta has earned the honor to go to the White House.

Expect for the Braves to be first-class in their rare meeting with President Biden next Monday.

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