Bryce Harper is embarrassing the Yankees without even facing them in World Series

The Philadelphia Phillies almost got their 2009 rematch with the New York Yankees in the World Series. Even without NYY as the opponent, Bryce Harper wins.

On Sunday, the World Series matchup was set. The Philadelphia Phillies won the NLCS early in the day, and the Houston Astros completed the sweep to claim their stake as the American League representative.

Though it looked like the 2009 World Series rematch was in play as a possibility between the New York Yankees and Phillies, that didn’t even come close to fruition. Bryce Harper is still embarrassing the Yankees in the process this postseason, though.

Bryce Harper’s postseason run reminds the Yankees they’ve made horrible decisions

Bryce Harper was a free agent in 2018-19. The Phillies won the sweepstakes, agreeing to a 13-year, $330 million deal with the outfielder.

The Yankees, who, given their big-market status should be in the running for virtually every big name star that becomes available, didn’t even try to get Bryce Harper. Not even an early exploration of the idea.

The reasoning? The Yankees already had lots of outfielders. At the time, the Yankees rostered Aaron Hicks, Clint Frazier, and Brett Gardner. Harper wouldn’t have been an upgrade there…?

Meanwhile, Harper is leading his team to the World Series. In the NLCS he had 17 total bases, eight hits, five RBI, and just one strikeout in 20 total plate appearances. He slashed .400/.400/.850 during the NCLS and had signature moments, including a go-ahead home run in the series-clinching game for the Phils.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are getting swept.

Look, it’s fine if the Yankees did their due diligence with Harper and decided it wasn’t a good fit. They could have engaged in discussion, found out his asking price, and assessed the risk-vs-reward. But for Cashman to claim, in December, that signing Harper was a D.O.A. concept? That’s practically gross negligence.

Yankees fans have every right to be furious. Management is not doing its job. The Phillies deserve everything they’ve gotten this season after going all-in to secure their guy in Harper. Congrats, Phils.

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