Can MLB All-Star Game end in a tie?

Can the 2022 MLB All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium end in a tie? We have the answer for you.

The MLB All-Star Game takes place on Tuesday, July 19 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif. The biggest stars in the American and National Leagues will do battle for bragging rights under the bright lights in Hollywood.

While there have been official winners of the All-Star Game, there have been two that ended in a tie. 1961 and 2002 are the only years where there was no winner declared, with the latter year being the most noticeable after then-MLB commissioner Bud Selig shrugged his shoulders and called the game after 11 innings when both teams ran out of pitchers.

For those wondering if this year’s MLB All-Star Game will end in a tie, the answer is no.

MLB All-Star Game tiebreakers

Anthony Castrovince of MLB Network was the first to share the news the specific rules of a tiebreaker should the game be tied after the ninth inning. There will be a Home Run Derby to decide a winner!

Both managers will select three batters to partake in the event, each of whom will receive three pitches. Whichever team has the most home runs after the nine pitches are thrown, will win the All-Star Game.

And just like that, there are going to be a huge number of fans hoping that the game is tied after the ninth inning just to see the tiebreaking Home Run Derby.

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