Phoney music ringing in the ears

custom ring back tunes

Songs jolting you out of your hold on the phone or melodies that string instead an aura in pleasantness, such strums of the soulful and the spirited alike playing out through the ‘merely essential’ device of the phone might not be as much a phenomenon now than what it used to be just a few years back but those who have experienced indeed that era and genre of ‘music’ yearn still for the charm residing in those quintessential expressions in telephoning. Instantly identifiable as an evoking in emotions asserting itself through the generic caller tune allusion even when it happens to be only a particular unfurling of it, this very enjoyable, then almost indispensable facet of everyday life used to command for itself a craze so prominent that users often subscribed readily to these plans in absolutely submitting to marketing indeed a tactic of the telecoms.

Of course there prevailed also a costless way in flaunting one’s musical affiliations but in a somewhat different consideration. Unlike caller tunes that greeted the person on the other side of the phone, ringtones were- or rather are- entertaining of the one who sets them in the first place. More ‘affordable’ in their downloadable status rather than in having to avail as a service of some sort, ringtones were also equally, or perhaps somewhat more popular but they still did not entail the luxury of commanding for the downloader of them a power of having others essentially listen to their choice of music.

Caller tunes, or ringback tones more properly, prevailed in their privilege of being both a means in showcasing ‘wealth’, albeit of not exactly wealthy definitions, as also in the sheer sense of ‘superiority’ they endowed upon people though honestly none of these considerations would have probably struck anyone ever when they took to this fad of the times in much enthusiasm. Of course it is all fiction over fact in what we are saying but imposing unrealistic, often exaggerated essences upon actually unassuming entities and identities have forever been the ideal in romanticising and what better than something almost a whiff of nostalgia today in its very rare assertion to regard in so much pomp and fancy?

It had been roughly around the turn of the century that caller tunes came to be, following not so late on the heels of the custom ringtone created in the late years of the ’90s. That was the time when phones blaring loud and clear in the public was a very coveted means in attraction, perhaps because the trend of sporting a mobile phone on their person was rather new and therefore exciting a prospect in consideration. Cut to a couple decades later, or even quite some years preceding it, and so very out and there phones in their ringing revelation is a big no- no for whatever reason and in every season. The transition might strike as one too dramatic to be real but real indeed it is and in such assertion differently defining the singular dimension of a specific space.

It might have been somewhere in a Finland of 2001 that the first ever ringing tone scouted out for itself a scope in much spectacularity. But perhaps nowhere more popular has been this rendition of the phoning spectrum than what it has been mostly in some countries of the world’s eastern terrain. And consider the case of India in absolutely making the most out of this service in offering- and in such extent as well that has the folks of that identity standing true once again to their adhering to the ‘paisa vasool’ prerogative and caller tunes sure have not been explored to such limits of the potential that they otherwise perhaps would not even have known to be harbouring of.

Taking over the Indian narrative at a time not much removed from that first flicker of its existence has been the caller tune that set out to dictate musical terms of phone-in references across this cultural expression of a country known for its fetish with Bollywood numbers and equal soaking up of the tunes and notes of the soulful and the devotional as well as vibing to beats streaming from across the seven streams. And thus emerged this anticipatory interest in dialling up someone’s number as an opportunity not just in connecting personally but also through the forever universal medium of music and melodies.

It didn’t matter if the one calling would be the friend or foe, boss or subordinate, family or relative, kith and kin of the person concerned- they would all be greeted with the latter’s choice of music, whether that be a rampantly abusive desi song blaring out or a witty one liner delivered not even very much musically or one of the current global chartbusters or a ram naam jaap instead or why not even an insanely popular advert jingle. And so would all and sundry be party to the subscriber’s taste in song selection, some cringing, others enjoying, still others even singing or humming along through that duration of the wait to all be inevitably engulfed by a something that had indeed been all the rage for a considerable period of time in telephonic history.

This whole business of the caller tune thing did amount to much substantialness, driving up as it did not just the revenues of telecom companies but also essentially those of the music providers. What’s more, they even came to be more accurate a gauge of the chartbursting character that the latest musical releases are often subjected to in description as being the immensely popular, hit song driving a whole nation of people crazy enough to sing and sway along with it. For in spending money upon something needed to be considered indeed in whatever degree of prodding and thinking, such numbers that would boast the most number of downloads against their name would for sure have to be the uber cool ones. And not just such lyrics already making music of their own, ringback tones also came to feature the promotional jingle of an upcoming release as a very effective marketing tactic that attended at once to the cause of both business and entertainment measures of it.

Soon after, more precisely curated custom callertunes too came to be, offering the user even a more personal avenue in expression as they allowed the scope for ‘originals’ to be set as the default ‘tring- tring’ along that line of the telephonic connection. This can very well pass off perhaps as a gimmick in garnering attraction, something that the world of those times was rather pleased to call upon itself. Counter that with the current ‘trend’ in more individualistic an expression of living and caring about what plays through one’s phone to reveal to another is as passive a consideration as perhaps the merely cursory interest in someone hardly even an acquaintance.

Of course this change in the character of expression can also be attributed to the drastic change in what has entailed in pretty much every realm of existence. In the more relevant present day where streaming is the way in musical musings, it is understandable just why the charm once associated with musical numbers playing through the phone is no longer able to manifest its pride and prestige. For if one takes into perspective the time period in which ringback tones dominated the domain, there would emerge a very clear cut definition adhering to those years of yore almost when downloading music was the way to enjoy it. The prerequisites in this case might not have been very demanding but the ‘pains’ indeed of surfing for one particular song to be downloaded out of the data available on those miserly limited internet packs meant that getting to flaunt one’s love for that currently reigning melody was worth whatever money it took, which might not present as much of a price for many. But consider in retrospect the average cost of one of those ringing tones that was more than double the amount of a full mp3 download and one would well understand the dynamics of all that made up this very musical business.

However, it is quite a surprise as well, this fact that the custom ringing tones of phones would go on to become so much of a success so as to define the experience of an entire era in this regard and even with considerable cost incurred on that front for the customer forever on the look out for rate cutters and sms packs- jargon again specific to that particular phase of the telephonic world. And what sums up even greatly the spectacularity of its success is the facet of its essence being rooted in such nature that makes it liable for the ‘user’ of the service, who actually happens to be the ‘provider’ in this case of entertaining instead their callers as very interesting a working scheme of affairs, to at times even forego the knowledge of their subscription meaning that they might not even know it once their plan has expired.

Of course the barrage of messages and reminders that these service providers so devotedly continue to bombard one with means that one is unlikely to lose trace of where they stand when it comes to a service of this kind. But consider also the as prevailing notion in ignoring messages from anyone even remotely resembling of those network people, what with notifications then rarely allowing a rough idea of the actual contents of what it is that found mention, and the caller tune service might have very well met its doom even sooner.

However it had been the increase in popularity of the iPhone that might have been the greater factor in ringing tunes having to face the music of death, in India as well as everywhere else in the world. But not before it had come a long way indeed, from the monophonic notes of the late 1990s to the polyphonic assertion that followed, leading thus to explore such heights of popularity that even commanded a reputation along the Billboard ranks with an exclusive Billboard Ringtone Chart dedicated to outlining the best ‘selling’ ringtones and also a Billboard Ringtone of the Year award further validating this diverse expression of musical inclinations.

That callertunes or ringing tunes or for that matter even the more general ringtones are as good as dead now is a sad reality indeed and one that tends to be even sadder for the those of us who have lived through those golden years of our phones blaring music even if for the sake of just a call. An ironic thanks is therefore what we all owe to the coronavirus epidemic that once again brought back the ringing assertion as something different from the universal, even when this time it has been a rather monotonous slew of words marking this domain to almost overrule the specific charm of what otherwise alludes to this musical medley of myriad musings.

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North eastern names of an Indian identity: social activist Keepu Tsering Lepcha

keepu tsering lepcha sikkim

For someone whose every expression in identity merges upon the fore of the social, it only is a given that Keepu Tsering Lepcha would inevitably command for herself a fame that is more heartwarming than humongous, even when that definitely is defining of the stature in which she resides. But beyond her in- person popularity as a personality rather esteemed in her recognition as a now retired civil servant, this 80 year old lady from the picturesque state of Sikkim in India resides also in the aura of a grace not just emanating from her endearing essentialism in evident affableness. Adorable she indeed is in her grandmotherly image, but it also is the purity of her soul and spirit and the large heartedness of her being that makes the diversely decorated Keepu Lepcha a role model for one and all in her many defining distinctions.

Born in 1942 to a Lepcha family, the lady found herself bearing the legacy of an indigenous existence that however stared at the bleak prospect of non existence almost as being a community of dwindling natives. And while that might not have been particularly tugging at the conscience of a young Keepu even as she set out to fulfil her father’s dream of doing something for the community through the multiple realisations of her professional life as a teacher first and a government official later, it still has been her efforts at social work that has eked out for this eminent personality a certain esteemed essence drawing upon solely the ideals of her own consideration. As a social worker tirelessly engaged in such pursuits that aim at the betterment of her community, this more than worthy indeed Lepcha herself has brought upon herself the assertion of an identity that is not any less dignified than her head held high as a high ranking dignitary of the Sikkimese government.

Having started out on her career path rather early and even then very remarkably as well, having assumed role as principal of the Enchey Seniro Secondar School in the capital in 1967, Tsering moved on to chart out teaching responsibilities at the Government High School shortly thereafter. Continuing her association with the educational scheme of things had been this then assistant director of education additionally entrusted with managing the teachers training institute, a role she more than efficiently worked her way through in a myriad of different capacities from bringing out textbook for primary classes to training of teachers in the local language to ensure that the true purpose of education was forever met and the expected beneficiaries of it genuinely served.

It was in 1994 that Keepu Tsering Lepcha joined the prestigious Sikkim Civil Service, marking the beginning of yet another illustrious phase of her professional life that saw her eventually assume the role of a joint secretary. For 28 long years of her distinguished career, Tsering served as project director of the Rural Development Agency even as she retired from service in 2000 as the secretary of the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs. It had been during her years in service itself that Tsering secured for herself an alternate identity as a social activist, setting out to do something on a personal level stirred by the many a sights of plight she had encountered during her long years in close association with the rural people. Since 1989, Lepcha has also been serving as mentor in her own personal capacity to the underprivileged children of her community, beginning then with some 20 of them under her loving care to today rest in the realisation of a belonginess cherished indeed by more than some 100 of them.

Orphaned and semi- orphaned might be the identity charted out by these underprivileged kids when they move into the six roomed Lepcha cottage that Tsering inherited but once inside the safe, nurturing premises of that property pretty with its blooming gardens of flowers and rooms stuffed with toys and games that even a couple of dogs and a cat as well call their home, these kids once deprived of even their basic rights discover for themselves a sanctuary of comfort abounding in the most generous gift of love there ever can be. All of these members of a family, strangers indeed upon introduction but coming to call the same loving lady their very own ‘Nikun’ or grandmother, owe it all indeed to the dedicated effort and will of this forever spinster who have made it her life’s mission to create a better experience in living for one and all of her community.

Of course in foremost consideration had been the dwindling population of the Lepchas that concerned Tsering to extents for her to devise out ways and means in dealing with the root cause of this fading into oblivion. Her many accounts and experiences gained during her period as a government official led her to single out alcoholism and illiteracy as the main issues in the increasing marginalisation of the community. But also equally affecting the Lepchas was their inability to keep up with the fast paced competition that society almost ruthless adhered to eke out for themselves own space in supremacy, something that the very genial, peace loving people of her kind did not harbour much understanding of. Armed with her own awareness in education being a tool potent enough in achieving this end at sight, Keepu set about her pursuit first and foremost by throwing open the doors of her personal abode to those children she loves and dotes upon as if they were her own.

Why just Lepcha Cottage though, the surety in intention of this gracious lady led her to also dedicate her only other property at Chonge to serve as the premise upon which a children’s village would be developed to further help the cause of the destitute kids. Tsering’s dream of a free school became a reality thanks also to the fundraising efforts of some European tourists and that which stands testament yet again to her absolute dedication in realising indeed a better future for the community with which she identifies first and foremost. Once supporting the children under her care out of her own earnings, Tsering today sees such serving of her cause by means of donations as well, that however isn’t the only recognition of the service rendered by her with many an awards and accolades pouring unto the world the true magnitude of the efforts that she has been putting into through the most part of her life.

A Padma Shri awardee in 2009, Lepcha also had been awarded the 2007 Best Social Service Award of the Government of Sikkim even as she was conferred the title Jewel of Sikkim by the Sikkim Intellectuals Conference on Humanism, Nationalism and Peace in 2005. The 2012 Real Heroes Award under the Reliance Foundation as well as CNN-IBN’s 2013 Senior Citizens Award too celebrated the soft spoken Keepu Tsering whose actions however speak in a voice of such magnitude that drowns out one and all.

Also one among the PeaceWoman Across the Globe that was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 has been Keepu Rsering Lepcha who serves as well as the chairperson of the Human Development Foundation of Sikkim, an NGO functioning congruent to Tsering’s own aspirations in taking up the cause of underprivileged children and specifically charting out their educational needs. Endowed with the National Award for Children’s Welfare, this organisation set up by Tsering herself today runs its own schools and manifests even further the wholehearted devotion with which Sikkim’s Mother with a Golden Heart seeks to secure the identity of the Lepchas by empowering and uplifting the children of the community.

It though isn’t only the Lepcha children who benefit exclusively from their Nikun’s selfless efforts in ushering in a better future for its people. On Keepu Tsering’s agenda is also such vital issues in healthcare being accessible to one and all as another pivotal means in social and economic development. Even more wholesome is the extent to which this soft spoken lady furthers her commitment in ensuring the true assertion of the Lepcha identity by being as active an agent in yearning to preserve and promote the Lepcha culture and tradition as well as the dying local language.

So true is Keepu Tsering Lepcha in her engagement in that which defines life for her that plays out through very evidently and in much beauty through every experience of love filled happiness permeating the air at the Lepcha Cottage. Located some few kilometres away from the capital city of Gangtok in a very Sikkimesque setting of much pristinity, this beautiful abode of warmth and belonginess, steeped in the virtues of care and concern and resplendent in its conjuring together of a hundred many smiles and as many a beaming faces, all young and hopeful and blessed with the gifts of love and peace and the years is the ode that Keepu Tsering Lepcha has invariably earned for herself. In being the beacon of hope for an entire community not so much conversant with the convoluted ways of the world, Tsering’s ideals and principles and values is what has ensured that this indigenous community of the state continue to maintain the dignity of their identity, whether that be in the historical basis of its legacy or the continuing extent of its being. For all that this generously loving lady has done for her community out of her own accord in living, Keepu Tsering Lepcha is indeed the true Jewel of Sikkim that the original inhabitants of the Lepchas themselves referred to as the supreme space of Nye-mae-el, or paradise.

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Vividly Vanilla – INNFINITY

vanilla cake

It’s as basic as basic can be- so much so that the uninteresting premise of basic is what is often rounded up by this term however actually resident in much indulgence. For who could have fathomed that somethings as exemplary as the world’s most favored smell of what occurs as that delightfully rich and inviting notes of the vanilla should come to dwell in a narrative of such unpleasantness?

Permeating every essence of this flavor that the world loves so much is a warm undertone of a sweet, creamy richness imbued with the forever pleasant assertion of the floral notes or at times carrying also that rather surprising element of some spice- which however should not come across as too surprising since vanilla in fact is a spice, this eternal favorite identity in the confectionery range of all things indulgent indeed makes for an experience enchanting always in the exoticness of its appeal cutting through its commonplace fame in ordinariness.

Of course, the versatility of vanilla as the world’s favorite smell plays across not just the range of the sinful servings of sweetness that is what renders it as so magical a potion of the culinary world. In all our obsession with vanilla cakes and ice creams and cookies and coffees and yogurts and puddings or even liquers and tobacco as well, this delicate sounding and often plainly understood flavor despite its enjoying in more profusion than any other the favors of the human being is also as popular a mention in beauty and wellness products. Particularly across the wide array of cosmetic products and immersed in the many an exquisite bottles of perfume and even making for divine sniffs in candle smoke, vanilla tends to be a much fancied ingredient purely because of its unmissable aroma. Even in more complex fields of aromatherapy, vanilla finds significant purpose to be an effective calming and relaxing agent all thanks to its globally favored smell.

Endowing vanilla with this characteristic pleasantness in wafting as sweet whiffs of nostalgia is the compound vanillin most esteemed in that dwelling of the aromatic. And while vanillin isn’t the only marker of vanilla, it most certainly is the more outstanding one. But it isn’t just the sweet smell of vanilla that vanillin induces to be that compound defining pretty much the whole essence of this spice identifying as one of the most expensive in the world. Also as influencing of the flavor profile of what somehow tends to be regarded as a rather delicate unfurling even when being in reality one of the most complex of them residing in a much robust assertion is this compound that along with a whopping 150 more and even counting natural necessities of the same kind washes over vanilla that elite recognition in supremacy. And understandably so as well.

For it isn’t just the fragrant notes of vanilla that reigns numero uno over the world intoxicated upon its mix of heavenly indeed scent but also the more than common encounter of it as an ice cream flavor popular the world over in as absolute authority. That might not be very surprising given how very often so many of us crave indeed for that particular tub of plain vanilla even with so many excitingly new options readily on offer. But what is surprising indeed is the basis of this favoritism since believe it or not, vanilla does not bear any speck of taste in its being!

That, despite the so gourmet sounding assertion of vanillin ‘tasting’ somewhat like marshmallow seemingly creating therefore a taste type for vanilla as one of the most fancied in the world. But what turns out is that it in fact is a trick worked out from the immensely clever confines of this whole consideration so complex that leads us to believe in something that is not even real. Vanilla is, primarily- or to say more accurately- exclusively a smell so potent in delivering the awesomeness of its essence that manifests upon our senses in such measure that has us believing in the deliciousness of whatever vanillaey it is that we are treating ourselves to. The overall sensation thus felt is one of immense pleasantness no doubt but is one availed not out of the tongue but through the nose from a passageway connecting this two sense organs within the body. To believe that something as ‘basic’ as vanilla could be capable of pulling off something so extraordinary therefore immediately contradicts the former projection of its simplicity and establishes in much emphasis the absolute win rested in the latter allusion in specialness.

That vanilla resides so much- wholly in fact upon the premises of its smell to stomp its authority upon the tantalising trails of the food world isn’t something very confounding when one actually comes to think of food. Given how a considerable amount of the overall food experience is one deriving upon the basis of how the dish smells like- so much so that we can indeed identify what’s cooking by the mere sniffs of their defining aroma- it only is natural that vanilla should come to be a gastronomic delight so much in this basic notion of its flavor deriving aroma. But there rests still another quirk embedded in the vanilla identity that only furthers its dwelling in so much favoritism of aroma and supposed flavor pretty much everywhere.

One very interesting reason that science has decoded in attempting to understand what drives our undying love for even the most plain vanilla flavor is it being somewhat reminiscent of something that is the very essence of life in basic. And no it isn’t the equally devoid of taste molecules of water that draw a parallel to vanilla when it comes to that life sustaining potion. It instead is that first dose of richness in the form of mother’s milk or breast milk to say that vanilla most closely evokes the ’emotion’ of in being the undisputed flavor and aroma ruling through the times. Emotion we say because precisely what vanilla alludes to in its nostalgic command through similar assertions of breast milk would be hard to say. But consider the most popular scoop of vanilla ice cream and this reference is what is believed to be best suiting of the breast milk parallel drawn out of this familiar residing in comfort with regard to its flavor and smelling experience.

While the popularity of vanilla is unrivalled indeed both in terms of perceived taste and actual aroma, it had not been always the nature of this second most expensive of all spices to come across as so distinctive. For ages and decades and years before vanilla came to gain its individuality, it had been more explored as being an additive to the comparable popularity of the wonder food called chocolate. Employed thus to enhance the flavor of many a chocolate products, something that continues to prevail today in such assertions as enhancing the flavor of such essentially sweet goodies say custards or caramels and definitely wine as well as milk and coffee and lately tea even has been this actually again almost black but perceived still as white drip of essence that is a definite wonder across so many of the realms that it overwhelmingly dominates, albeit in much humility.

This sweet distinction that vanilla universally dwells in, whether by itself or in its associations is also what brings upon the spice that appreciation in taste which is but non existent a facet of its being. So remarkable is vanilla in its sweet smelling character that lends it to be congruent with something as definitely sweet tasting as sugar that has thus brought upon it that awareness in sweetness even when it is none of that. Bring salt into the equation to drive sugar out and you end up driving out also the misinterpretation existing in terms of profile that the flavor of vanilla resides in to establish greater coherence between what science says and what experience entails.

The science of food isn’t however there is all to vanilla as far as its dynamism is concerned. Loaded also with a range of potential health benefits in both physical and mental capacity is this agent of so diverse utility that bestows upon it a reputation in preciousness. From calming and comforting the mind to helping deal with stomach ailments and toothaches for instance, this ‘black flower’ of nature turns out to be quite efficient in delivering of the pinks when it comes to the happy harmonies of existence. An aphrodisiac as well and an agent of happiness as what is most evident in the serving of joy that vanilla ice cream creates widespread white wonder as, this is a nuanced appreciation in natural perfection that laughs off the irony in unexciting basicness of its beauty.

The symphony that vanilla creates in conjuring up every impeccable assertion of what is possible to indulge in within the human context wouldn’t ever be complete in exploring and exalting if one doesn’t lend themselves completely to an experience of it as classic as its icy creamy rendition. And that happens to be though yet another emphasis in the complementing nature of what vanilla invariably is, harmonising a medley of flavors and upping the ante for each of them while concocting a collective experience that is euphoria for the senses.

Availed out of its most popular competitor as well as complement of the chocolatey identity, this dual delight of what expresses as vanilla cream filled choco biscuits has captured the salivating fancies of the world ever since it came to be the phenomenal invention that it is. With the innate sweetness and warm richness of the vanilla flavored cream at once cutting through and complementing the mild bitterness of the cocoa biscuit, what ensues is amongst the most heavenly blends that one bites into in a creamy, crumbly mouthfeel of it all driving the tastebuds to a foodgasm out of something so ordinary yet so exceptional. Call it the charm of the vanillal calm or the exuberance of its enamoring essence but none can deny the sheer bliss that even the most subdued of the vanilla assertion leads one to experience in such excellence that has them crave lifelong for this truly global of all sensory experiences.

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Of ethics in photographing – INNFINITY

photographing ethics

To even supposedly exaggerate the enormity of power that reside within the frame of images wouldn’t exactly be exaggeration so as to say. For in photographs, there resides indeed a striking potential, of effectively relaying what it intends to in a manner that not being based on the starkly expressible content of words and letters and languages tends to be a very emotional way in ‘speaking’. And it is this nature of pictures and images and snapshots that lead them to tread a domain so easily defined in the convenience of ambiguity but in essence beholding such clarity that is only possible to be availed out of the unique photographic art deriving so much upon notions of the technical. And therein lies also a consideration in considerable complexity as regards the nuanced exploration of the realm in which photography resides in so much power, bringing into the picture such issues in ethics and conscience and integrity of what needs to find focus under the spotlight.

To exactly pinpoint such consideration of the ethical in any field of concern though isn’t something occurring as absolute. Because ethics being a stemming out of such realisations and awarenesses that are very individualistic and therefore as personal as well means that one’s standards of ethical need not find resonance with others as well. Specifically in photography, that already resides not so much in a clear cut reference of even its physical ideals, let alone its morals, wanting to be ethical in this usually passionate pursuit does not guarantee a true adherence to that idea in representation. And yet, that does not anyway mean that the power embedded within the fore of images render them so invincible and supreme and absolute that they can defy any possible expectation and disregard every principle that still exists somewhere between these lines of only a fine difference.

Which is to say that photography ethics matter and they matter substantially as well, even when they might be far from universal or even farther away from existing really as something needing to be taken into account while on the hunt for the next winning shot or even a mediocre one and just about everything that manages to capture attention, at least of the camera lens if not of the world. The dilemma though will continue to persist in some way or the other, what with terms and conditions like how one sticks to those ideals of their own definition or how even the viewer of the image choose to interpret it as accounting vastly for the hugely encapsulating phenomenon that photography is. The challenges in conjuring might be as numerous as the many views that one might attribute to the same image but to skilfully, carefully and honestly maneuver through these considerations beyond also the equally important characteristics in line and length is a craft as immaculate as the art itself.

The basis may vary as to what classifies as ethics and in what priority of their ranking as well but the primary consideration in photography still has to be its most important charting of consent. Irrespective of whoever it is that one is trying to capture in how much stunning a representation of them, it always is necessary that the camera focusses only on them who desires indeed all that attention. Of course there might be the associated issue in this case of squandering almost a chance for the candids, or in other words the true translation into images of living realities and not posed ones. But that does not have to be the only possible outcome of this situation.

The hallmark of a truly skilled photographer lies in their ability to go snap at such opportune moments and periods of time that they can be capturing something or someone more than alert but still manage to catch the most natural glimpse of them. It all boils down to having a keen eye indeed to seek out the most minute of details in the most ordinary of existences to eke out therefore a uniqueness that necessarily prevails across every single range of existence in this uniquely beautiful world. There needs to be a well considered approach indeed in all exercises of photographing and one such important aspect entails also courtesy on part of the yielder of the camera and by that measure the immense power it holds to first and foremost ensure that their subject of interest does not have any objection whatsoever to their intentions.

Consent though tends to be crucial even beyond the very act of photographing itself. Extending as well into such associated- or rather intertwined processes in going snap- that manifests as the all amazing aspect of editing yielding once again the power though to emerge as something not usually very well regarded as in the manipulation assertion is the necessity for consent to be explored. Indeed the very connotations in manipulating and seeking out consent happens to be contradictory which is why the consideration of the latter in photo editing too occurs as a proposition fit for an ethical dwelling upon of it.

Following up on the manipulative potential that photography harbours in its post production stage is also a similar such influence that asserts even during the period of its performance as art indeed. And that stems as the appalling situation in presenting just one side of the story. As the one holding absolute authority in projecting the picture, the photographer commands once again a power in relaying exactly what they want to and in such measure that does not even require them to tweak the image in distorting the facts. So absolutely dipped in perfection is the photographic print in its vast compendium of tools and techniques and angles and lines that allows for each layer of reality to reveal itself that makes it a cakewalk for pursuers of it to choose exactly that manner and mode of doing that serves their underlying purpose in capturing, if any. The question of ethics in this context arises therefore in choosing to present the whole truth or not of what is evident, however as a somewhat complex entailing in decision making.

Manipulation though can take yet another form in the photographic agenda as and when the camera rolls out, by controlling and commanding the subject of them to display such poses that aren’t ‘real’ enough. The nuances in this case might be a tad bit too difficult to pinpoint as well as not so easily frowned upon as unethical perhaps since even in staging the pose of something proclaimedly real, what ensues as the final image is indeed very much capturing of the event as it is. But the tactic in cheating might still go on to define the nature of that image thus produced making for an example in ethics violation even when that might not be something absolutely agreed upon or universally called out due to the more ambiguous premise of its happening.

A more general outlining of the ethical elements embedded in photography relate to circumstances contemplative through a different approach. Under scrutiny here would be not the subject of photography but the source of it, as to the original creator of some particular capture for instance. Encompassing in this regard everything from blatant theft of the work of others or even their insight in much striking evidence playing through to more furtive attempts at plagiarising the idea and vision or even the subject of interest conjuring up that specific sight frozen in time, photography like every other form of skill based work tends to fall prey quite easily to the lurking predators all around.

Returning to the specifics of ethical photographing finds one in quite a soup, with one of the most contended cases unfurling through one of the most popular premises of photography. Travel photography is a huge craze for amateurs and professionals alike and all of us like to take pictures of ourselves as well as of the locales and the attractions as also the locals themselves when we set out to compile for ourselves that composite travel diary of ‘authentic’ experiences compiled up largely in images. And risked in this entire behemoth of excited streaks in snapping and preserving memories is a certain curiosity that threatens almost the identity of the very culture we think we are curating.

In going about our own way in taking pictures of our trips and travels, we might be affording for ourselves an acknowledgement in privilege of being firsthand witness to the most dramatic of landscapes and the most famous of structures and the most buzzing of cultures but in our own way of at times mindless representation what we end up doing is further stereotypes and existing notions of them that while might not be wholly inaccurate but is also not the complete truth of their traditional accord. Whether it be capturing such experiences and episodes and elements for project purposes or keeping in view a certain creation of distinction or even not attending to anything in particular, we all might be guilty of taking the luxury a bit too far in exploiting the photographic tool as an artistic medium in allowing ourselves unreasonable and excessive interference and intrusion in to such lives and existences of the world unassumedly going on with their own business in much simplicity with utter contentment. Taking the onus upon us to portray their settings and way of functioning might emerge as a feel good assertion in all validation but a deep delving into and detailed deliberation upon the propriety of all that we do can make us perhaps question our own standards when it comes to dismissing the ethics that even the elaborately expressive essentialism of photography does not grant us the exclusive right to ‘turn a blind eye to’ in all encompassing of its essence.

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As intriguing as the Indori Sarafa

sarafa bazaar indore

For a city so famous in its many a quirky presence in attractions, it is only fitting the eccentric city of Madhya Pradesh’s Indore has to its name a uniquity that is more than fascinating in its legendary basis. Availing out of the more than famed premises of the most touted of the city’s landmark renowned in its distinctive identity as the Sarafa Bazaar is a certain individuality- and parallel exclusivity that sets the tone indeed for the prominence of Indore to unfurl as a food city. In being probably the only night food market of India, the dynamic dimension of Sarafa Bazaar defines very much the entire Indori way of life as one being steeped in every taste of what the foodie assertion dawns upon it.

So weighted is the expression of Indore in terms of the gastronomic that takes indeed particularly after its stomping of own identity over a snack that otherwise is a pan Indian phenomenon. Indori Poha being a specific variant of the commonplace poha preparation across the country and even more specific in its serving style, paired up as it is with another hot favorite of the jalebi relays in much eminence the definite way that the dynamic city gets to have within the food spectrum, even when it definitely is more than just that.

Sarafa Bazaar encompasses that aspect of diversity as well in being the standout Indori phenomenon that it is, manifesting as a jewelry market by the day and assuming that vibrant assertion in a melange of culinary charms by night. In fact, it indeed has been as a marketplace dealing with the fashion specimens of jeweled accessories that Sarafa Bazaar started out as some 100 years ago. And while the history and origins of this legendary lore in classic Indori vibes tend to be not as assertively proclaimed, that does not however dim any way the immense fame and curiosity associated with the city’s perhaps most diversely famous of its defining elements.

The century old dwelling of Sarafa Bazaar though may well dig into some couple prior centuries as well. Perhaps emerging as early as the 18th century itself has been this arena of glittering grandiose that housed within the coffers of its riches a potential for the equally delightful treasure of tastes to gain prominence. It might have been some recipe in security that the predominantly jeweled expanse of the marketplace should come to reside in a reputation that smacks of a contrasting flavor, though similar still when it comes to appeasing the senses. The belief is that it had been those jewelry merchants themselves who created scope for the food hawkers to spread out along the sufficiently sprawling streets of the bazaar, seeking to rely on the accompanying hustle and bustle to maintain their own safety in guarding their wares of preciousness.

Or maybe it had been those food stalls that charted out opportunities for themselves in this sufficiently crowded marketplace, attending to visitors who thronged the premises and eventually managing to ‘capture’ the entire space to serve their own slices of history after 8 in the evening and safeguard thus also the ‘pricey’ area in those hours of the night well till the break of dawn. And it is exactly upon such grounds of definitely calculated consideration that a historic identity took centerstage, spanning out as a exciting arena in buzz and vibrancy and deliciousness indeed much to the utter delight of everyone managing to land up in this most happening part of the town.

The excitement persists very much to this day in current history and waning by no any bit than what it has been playing upon since its early beginnings. The boisterousness has only gotten more infectious in fact, what with some 3000 visitors thronging daily the colorful lanes of the Sarafa Bazaar intoxicated indeed by the appetising aroma of all the food on offer, overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of it to dig into and aroused almost by the festive spirit forever permeating the air in this part of the equally lively city. Only that, when much of Indore sleeps its night away to sweet dreams, this particularly encapsulating stretch of its identity continues to very much ‘make the noise’, coming alive with its cooking in terms sizzling and splattering and simmering, conjuring magic inside mouths with bursts of flavour and weaving tales of an experience not encountered indeed anywhere else across the length and breadth of the vastly amalgamative identity that India is.

This unity in diversity of the Indian catering displays though impeccably along the stalls and streets of Sarafa as well, imparting to this more than evident khau galli a flavour that stands out as even more unique and enticing and all that. More than at least half a century odd dishes, all vegetarian and lusciously vegetarian at that fare exceedingly well in the composite menu of what sums up the peculiarly symphonic narrative flowing through the trails of oil and spices and sweetness leading to an immersive experience of the typical Sarafa bazaar character. For all its residing in epicurean expressions though, the basis of the food flair unfurling along the entire extravagant identity of the bazaar tends to be a stemming in a certain trait of tradition.

As a city once famous for wrestling and its many a dominant wrestlers, Indore saw its pehelwans frequenting a particular milk shop at what marks the present day Sarafa stretch in such regularity that rendered it also as famous as their possession of strength. And building upon this particular expression in prominence came to be many an other similar such shops serving those rich offerings of milk and cream and makkhan as well as sinful indulgences in sweetness that turned out to be this immensely satiating experience in tastes galore.

The richness persists indeed, both in terms of preservation of legacy as well as in more physical realms of awareness seeking to drown in sumptuousness those excitedly partaking of the area’s uniquely famed cultural history. Embodying in every sense the true spirit of the Indori existence in never muted assertions is the food that enthralls not just with its amazing range of diversity and versatility as well but also in the characteristic palatability in very pronounced delivery of every essence of taste. Residing indeed in such mouthfuls that speak of an affluence, perhaps of the city’s dignified past or its motleyed cultural curation, is the food dominating the entirety of a one of its kind nighttime dream that the Sarafa Bazaar reveals itself to be.

But while the flavor palate might be one rather unilinear and yet never basic in its offering of what absolutely delights and titillates and appeases the soul and the senses and the being alike, the panoply of what cooks up in huge kadhais upon enormous stoves more than sufficiently packed into the lanes of Sarafa bazaar teeming with all possible tinges of a life more than desirable tends to be very diversified. Of course on display in mouthwatering arrangement would be the classic fore of hearty breakfasts most notably manifesting as the irresistible and inseparable poha- jalebi combo even as intiguing preparations like the khopra patties for instance too enjoy their fair share of fame.

Equally authentic assertions of taste would follow in the snack counter in forms like the garadu chat or the very unique and healthy as well fusion of flavors in what shapes up as bhutte ki kees. More health options follow in such more general dishes of sabudana khichdi as well as in similar but distinctive local identities of dal bafla, even as the very specific egg benzo is sure to offer yet another extended experience of a defining culinary coursing. Then there of course is the immensely popular, ever versatile balls of pani puri living up to its reputation also within the as reputed ambience defining the Sarafa symphony. And so would be a wide variety of sweets on offer, be it those dripping delights of the mawa baatis or the gulab jamuns, and the oh-so-indulgent and rich and ravenous appetites evoked by the mere mention of halwas, or for that matter divine delights of names as pleasing as rabri and kulfi and faloodas and ice creams, even as the shapely sights of the jalebis and jalebas and malpuas and what nots await to lure and entice and absolutely give in to those sounds and smells and smacks one cannot help but rave about. And to wash it all down and to aid digestion and to free up further space for a never ending gourmet experience, there would be to your rescue the Indori again take on the shikanji delivering even in its helping cause a flavor that only further establishes the heavenly assertion of this definitely all-things-food haven.

Bustling to its limits and brimming to the top with all hues possible to be availed out of the whole wide world through its residing in dim lights and bright hoardings, acquiring by that accord a character that is so excessive in its cheer to be almost chaotic, but affording also even in that regard a quaint essence, of something so satisfyingly indulgent, ordinary perhaps in being but special indeed in its revealing, and manifesting definitely through a one of its kind magical transition from a jeweled premise to a chomping promenade to unfurl in all true colors the resplendent reality of the ultimate Indori identity is this beloved Sarafa Bazaar of the city that sums it up in all glory of profusion in food, fun and fascination alike.

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Connecting with the eyes – INNFINITY

importance of eye contact

Nuanced enough to occur as awkward if one does not manage to attain the optimum level of it yet basic so much so as to be a necessarily ordinary activity of considerable significance, the crucial consideration in what has found coining as the very evident identity in eye contact is one of balance indeed. Too intense and too extended a length of time one bores their eye into another and they risk sending out rather uneasy vibes. Tend however to flicker after just a fraction of a second and there you are, written off as not confident or not comfortable or not genuine and what not. Mastering then this important means of communicatory leaning should be considered therefore as no less than art itself even when the achievement of that balance adheres to a field of study more identifying as science and interestingly in both medical and social basis of it.

As something one innately, subconsciously tends to yield oneself to the power of, this contact established between two sets of eyes makes for a phenomenon that is intriguing as well in the dimension and range of its happening. From love and trust to confidence and engagement, the successful establishment of eye contact entails the possibility in manifestation of a large number of attributes that are of diverse interest in the human scheme in living. And why exactly this immense potential that the eyes bear in something as natural as communication is rested on the area of interest from where they started out.

Resident in the scheming necessity of survival through which children more capable of holding eye contact standing a greater chance in being taken care of, it is inevitable indeed that communicating directly through the controlled gaze of the eye should come to so essentially define the business of human existence. Across different societies and in different religions, through different traditions and along its unfurling in diverse customs, the importance of eye contact has been maintained even when these notions need not exactly converge with one another in the distinct regard of them. But even in such multifarious considerations, the manifestation in essentialism of the eye contact exercise never loses precedence.

And that’s because sufficient establishment of contact between the eyes speaks in itself a language that occurs as much lucid an assertion in communicating even the words left unsaid. That might occur as quiet poetic a rendition in the eyes being the mirror to the heart leading thus to allusions of its exclusive importance in emotional expression. But while the holding of eye contact between lovers and soulmates and close folks is indeed a very universal feel in comfort and warmth and belonginess, the intensity and extent of that gaze pervades well into areas more ‘strategic’ as well.

Rather well known happens to be such awareness that dictate the establishment of eye content as a means in asserting and affirming one’s embodying of all attributes desirable. For some reason best explored by the intricate workings of psychology, maintaining that gaze for the right length of time and in the correct extent of it has been tied to prideous possession of confidence and competence and worthy harborings in trust and sincerity or even assertions in undaunted resolve and sure performance, as established in eternal summing up of empirical evidence. But beyond these numerous traits recognised as dwelling along the definite horizon of what communicating through the eyes eke out for itself, there also tend to be some other ’empowering’ realisations that establish even further the essentialism of the eyes being so absolute a medium of efficient expression that has us eyeing indeed with much envy those availing of the enigmatic experience that the locking of eyes lead them to explore.

For one, the very essence of eye contact as a means in engaging makes it foster a connection in much emphasis, that arises thus as a powerful even when subconscious assertion in doing much more than what it is purported to be. The basis of eye contact as a form of non verbal communication stands still but what accompanies this notion in ‘speaking’ is also a certain elevated awareness in correspondence that translates in both emotional and practical terms of living.

Associated with this strong sense in connection would also be a similar awareness that need not always involve in this regard the identity of the other. A surprisingly emphatic realisation in self awareness is what establishing eye contact with others can lead one to experience, though in all physicality of it. Even as a not fully conscious exercise in communication, holding our gaze helps us be better cognisant of our own behavior and body language at that specific period of time when we are indulging in one of the most interesting ways in interacting. Particularly in considerably cutting off our attention thrust upon external stimuli in general, eye contact leads us to be more aware of our own person instead for an experience that can be highly introspective or mildly insinuating as might be the scope allowed in that case.

Another much helpful scenario that the eyes can lead us to conjure is one of information retention. Maintaining eye contact with others when engaging in talks about something important somehow leads us to better remember things and not just in a one way assertion as well. Those who return your gaze in equal importance tend to also retain more of whatever it is that you had been seeking to establish, perhaps because of the increased assertion in which the engagement intensifies due to the mutual and proper occurrence in the vision based form of valid communication.

This so potent means in communicating that eye contact has established itself to be means that one can rely upon this premise to considerably improve their understanding of each other, perhaps due to the increased focus and clearer relaying of what it is they intended to do and help thus also to strengthen one’s case through clever persuasion. On the other hand though, maintaining optimal eye contact can also express as a very effective agent in avoiding the tactics of persuasion and even coercion, mainly drawing upon the undaunted and/ or defiant impression that the eyes help to establish. As such, choosing to deploy this non verbal mode in human communication can be very convenient a way in both accepting and rejecting the advances of others while even making one’s own advances in the desired direction and in the exact way that suits you best.

As a tool so crucial to and in communication, it might be only natural that maintaining eye contact leads such awareness to follow that plays upon really the innate conscience in which the human mind dwells. But as relevant can be the basis on which eye contact is sought to be established in the first place. It is but again a working of the subconsciousness that we tend to be more inclined in holding our contact of the eyes with those who we regard in deep reverence and respect or whom we look up to in regard and of course also in romance or even when we really admire them.

More obvious would be such cases of not letting our eyes wander when we are communicating with someone we recognise as yielding a certain authority and power or someone who happens to have considerable importance ‘in our eyes’, quite literally. And contrary to the common belief that liars are those who largely avoid eye contact for fear perhaps of having their eyes let out their dirty secret, they happen instead to hold it longer perhaps to prove their ‘truth’. Residing therefore in considerable irony as well is this business of the eyes that indeed fleets through so many of them but come to rest only in some chosen ones as what manages to catch the eye.

What strikes though as even more assertive of the differently manifesting power resident in the human eye is the fact of its dumbfounding universality. Consider for instance such very personally as well occurring experiences in what is only a projection of reality, that is to say eyes that express eloquently from across the photographic frame or even less real a stroke of paint played upon a canvas and one would find themselves drawn even in that gaze of not exactly physical being, at least in that moment of their gazing. And that itself speaks of the immense power and intensity rested in that organ of what renders us aware of the world, and intensifies as well as our perception of its (fore)sight through that characteristic human experience in a profound meeting of the eyes.

It also is this occurrence in remarkability of the contact through the eyes that lend itself as absolutely to the one from whom it derives. Maintaining eye contact with someone helps in retaining not just the content of the communication but also presents the beholder in memorable indeed a long held awareness of them. In other words, this gaze of much instinctive stemming also considerably influences and interferes with the human memory and by extension dictates and/ or distracts to sufficient extent the working of even the most important organ called the brain, accomplishing therefore in that line of happening a certain something that boasts indeed of the definite- and infinite- power that the soul delving capacities of communication through the eyes entail. That’s quite some eye opening information for sure!

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Dreamy literal depictions of a full moon night


A full moon night is one of the most enchanting periods of time as the vibes of ethereal brightness awash a sky filled with blackness of every hue with such a sheer radiance that the whole surrounding seems to literally glow with high positivity. Be it the romantic movie songs, blissful poems or magical fairytales, the full moon has been depicted by creative artists as an object of fantasy that could lure the human mind with a dreamy state of wonder. Meanwhile, the full moon with its heavenly luminous whiteness can satiate the visual pleasures of an onlooker to its highest degree so most of us would gaze at it with eyes fully opened in delight. As poets, storytellers and singers would give voice to the inexpressible wonder that the brightness of a full moon stirs in our mind, the literal compositions that is made with reference to the full moon is always deeply lauded and enjoyed by all. The most significant aspect is that a full moon gives rise to different thoughts in various minds according to the moods they are in or the types of imagination that they like to make in their head. Here are some of the popular dreamy literal depictions of a full moon night-

Inspire as a beacon of hope

Source : Your Own Magic Life

With its superb bright rays of light amidst a steep background of darkness, a full moon literally represents itself as a picture of solace deeply in the sub-conscious mind of an individual who is deep longing for something or someone. When a full moon with its sparkling shine can lighten a black night sky vividly, it signals a hope in the minds of a person that in some way or the other a ray of positivity or a small form of miracle would enter their lives and transform their bad situations into a highly positive one. The beauty of a full moon in a dark sky signifies that bad times do not last forever and can transform into a period of happiness with the passage of time just as the celestial object which serves as a beacon of hope to the inhabitants of Earth goes through various phases to reach its highest and brightest phase. If you are in an upset state for some reason, do full moon gazing whenever this period comes. It will enhance your mood and instill positivity in you. Meanwhile, make sure that you take some good shots of the full moon night so that the magical as well as the bewitching pictures inspires you to be your brightest version of yourself the next time you see it when scrolling through the gallery of your mobile phones

Refuel your deep passions

Source : iStock

Bollywood has romanticize full moon night with its songs and many of them have turned superhits and people always listen to these songs quite often to soak themselves in an imaginary world of comfort and happiness that the soothing and passionate music, dreamy lyrics and the lovely voices of the singers helps in concocting. Besides films, poets and storytellers also uses the dreamy yet strikingly ethereal bright vibes of the full moon as a medium to give birth to their own imaginary desires or kindle the emotions of love between the characters present in their creative work. These beautiful compositions that are composed in an artistic manner by the creative artists resonates deeply with the unspoken and unexpressed words of a reader due to which they enjoy reading it thoroughly. Being a source of brightness, a full moon arises moods of longing and blooms the passionate emotions extremely. For this reason, gazing at the full moon from your balcony or terrace is a wonderful way to soak in the pleasures of nostalgia remembering the bygone days of happy times spend in your childhood, the lovely memories that you created together with the love of your life and the list may go on and on somewhere in the depths of your mind. On the other hand, the glow of the full moon will refuel your passions and instill the hope in you to strive hard for yourself for creating a better tomorrow or achieve the life that you have been always dreaming. The bright rays of the moon against the backdrop of pitch darkness will renew your heart with a new flame of love and inspire you to take the step of sorting out any arguments with your partner so that your love story can be a real life fairytale of tomorrow which enthralls others

A place of fantasy

Source : We Can Spirit

Most fairytales, kids’ storybooks or lullabies have epitomized the full moon as a place where every sort of childish desire can be fulfilled and where unknown or unheard fantasies and a deep sense of peace prevails. If you point the source of a full moon to a baby, he /she will look at it with wide-eyed wonder innocently and these cute moments can melt anyone’s heart and bring a smile on their faces. Meanwhile, toddlers and little kids can tailor their own sort of fantastical imaginations around the full moon which always remains a mystery as they would never ever reveal it to grown-ups out of shyness. When we really learn the science behind the moon and know what this celestial body really is, we still cannot help but let our inner child get lost in the mysteriously marvelous beauty of the moonlight and enjoy every sort of literal composition that has been made around it and derive blissfulness mentally.

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The 5 types of artificial lighting every interior space needs

types of artificial lighting in interior design

Home is where the heart is and the heart always fancies such spaces that manages to match the vibe it seeks to dwell in. And while heartiness might not be a direct concern of the designing spectrum, it sure is an important influence on it. Interior design, as the kind one would inevitably envision with regard to the aesthetics that architecture plays on at least in part, makes for a very charming space in itself to explore. Laden with the many intricate elements of what appeals to the senses while accruing out of the complex considerations of the brain is this prospect in design that resides in so many beauties of its own kind.

Within this array of the many specific somethings to contemplate in each of their certain characteristics and across every single aspect of theirs is also the very essential ‘focus’ that lighting commands. As a necessary part not just of the design aspect but also of the functional consideration, lighting occurs as a crucial component of the entire structural manifesto that encompasses pretty much every scope in working. Which is why even its very basic identity in requirement leads lighting to find projection in such capacities that are sometimes entirely motivated by convenience while in other cases would be more assertive in its aesthetics, of course with intermediate options existing as well.

Spurred by such considerations in functionality and finesse and of the flairs and fancies alike, lighting in the context of design in the architectural realm- artificial lighting of course adhering to interior spaces of the designing kind- has come to assume many a myriad essences mostly in definite terms leading thus to such clear cut classifications interestingly though displaying an affinity for ‘usurping’ even some glow of the other!

Ambient Lighting

So basic in its requirement that endows upon it also the identity of general lighting, ambient lighting though isn’t just basic in the real essence of it. The basicness of its nature derive from the fact of it being indispensable a type of lighting that also therefore lends to be all the more commonplace. And it is exactly in this commonality of it as being something needing to be employed that makes ambient lighting the primary consideration in the lit up regard of essential design.

The premise from which ambient lighting is expected to function tends to be as ‘basic’. That is to say, the general notion that one infers from the consideration lighting up a space or a room in its entirety is what ambient light most definitely is. Functional indeed in attending to the cause of visibility, both in appreciation of the space and in allowing mobility through it as well as in aiding tasks of course, ambient lighting plays out uniformly throughout the entire expanse of the space it renders visually accessible.

As the main source of light in general, that quite effectively brings into an assertion very close to natural lighting, ambient lighting can indeed be all the light you need as the most basic or rather, original requirement within a space. And that is what makes ambient lighting also occur as a form of task lighting in addition to its more intricate essence. And while it might not really manifest as accent lighting, ambient lights still can serve in part the function also of the former in affording the overall visibility of every single thing, standout features and specialities included. Ambient lighting therefore is the most ‘versatile’ of all lighting types and styles that can found unfurling within the vital consideration of structural makeup.

Accent Lighting

With of course the describing attribute of accent afforded by this form of lighting, the purpose upon which it shines its light is very evident. Even more revealing of its essence in the alternate identity of highlight lighting is this type and style of doing up spaces that focusses upon some specific area or element of many an other design components. And in helping draw the attention to that particular fixture of intention, accent lighting manifests as a lighting hack almost that knows indeed to be exactly in the spotlight.

This specific purpose in mind is effectively served by accent lighting by the direct dawning of all its light upon the object of attention, whether that be some architectural feature or some expression in artistic flair instead such that it is that definite piece that becomes the defining feature of the space. Even commanding of all attention could be more ordinary specimens of say a tree or other quite basic derivations in design that accent lighting more than happily accords all weightage to which makes it also as efficient a lighting choice in outdoor setups.

In its guiding principle of enhancing features and/ or adding detailed visual appeal and dimension to the space it shines through, accent lighting isn’t of course adhering to the essentialness embedded in the necessities of functional lighting. But that does not mean that accent lighting falters anywhere in delivering efficiently the ‘purpose’ for which it is employed- of standing true to the decorative desire of design. And while accent lighting is more than adequate in and by itself in accentuating the alluring impact of whatever it is meant to, it still is its build up upon the ambient exploration of lighting that renders it even impeccable an identity of the glowing kind.

Task Lighting

No surprising springing from this one as well as far as shedding some ‘light’ upon task lighting goes. Much like accent lighting, all the glare of the light is focussed on some specific area of interest, only in that case the concern is not one of attraction but of attention instead. Attention because it sure is some task that this specific type of lighting strives to lead one to accomplish by concentrating all of its energy in illuminating up a particular extent of space.

Brighter in that zone of where it focusses in all absoluteness, with of course the option to amp it up or dim it down as required, task lights are most used in such spaces where you take to reading perhaps or working professional work upon your desk or perform domestic chores at the kitchen tabletop for instance. Either way, this happens to be a very specific form of lighting that need not necessarily find consideration in pretty much every physical space of existence. An assertion in focal lighting, task lighting therefore occurs in such cases that call for some extra focus to be showered in aiding the realisation of some definite purpose not steeped in much awareness in the aesthetic revealing of it.

Mood Lighting

Mood or ambience being what mood lighting seeks to appease, it only is natural that any of the aforementioned types or sources of light can cater somewhat to these demands for the specific vibe that the immensely fussy human imagination gets whimsy about every now and often. Essentially then, mood lighting can be created out of any lighting style but even then there still tends to be some basic attributes that can classify an artificial glow as catering to the mood musings.

Generally soft in its eking out of an largely emotional environment from a physical space, mood lighting though can be tweaked to fit the scheme of things of whatever the dictation of the mood might be, also not always in such capacity that stirs the innate fancies of the human heart. Setting specific mood lighting for instance can be used to do up spaces to eke out results as deemed favourable as is so often the case in certain work settings dwelling upon a particular scheme of research backed shade and/ or intensity of color to increase productivity.

The softer undertones more prevalent in mood lighting though can also make way for brighter specks of light to create instead such an ambience fit for say a party. Which means that mood lighting too can be versatile in its own mood based way indeed and is surprisingly functional an assertion of lighting style despite the more indulgent basis of it.

Style/ Aesthetic Lighting

The aesthetic occurrences in lighting might entail as being a more general and abstract way in classifying the types of it. But refer to the alternative name of style lighting and the nature of this form of light becomes more apparent in beckoning its own beauty. Called style lighting due to the light source itself being as stylish a manifestation of what it brings into effect out of the illumination it delivers, this type dwells more on the striking aesthetic of the light fixture instead of the way and power of its lighting capacity.

Think ornate chandeliers, sophisticated flush mounts, dramatic sconces, hovering pendants or even somewhat ordinary but stylish as well as more functional types like a stunning floor lamp or even decorative Christmas lights and any sort of lighting that emerges as immensely aesthetic in its own shape and form characterise the widely and wildly fascinating domain of decorative lighting. Definite objects of attraction in their own, irrespective of whether or not they adhere to other necessities in the functional being of lighting are these stylish lights that sum up therefore the immense appeal of the aesthetic lighting option as one of purposely decorative dwellings.

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Best ways of getting over heartbreaks


Loving someone is one of the most intense emotions that we develop at a time in our lives by giving much effort on our part. However, if the person with whom we have formed this beautiful bond wreaks havoc on us by breaking it into bits with some lame reasons, it does hurt a lot and we feel deeply distressed. When we experience heartbreak– be for the first time or last time- it causes a lot of mental agony which requires time to heal unlike physical injuries that can be treated with prescribed medicines by the physician. A worst type of sadness, heartbreaks does take a toll on the sufferer’s mental health and he/ she has to find out ways to get over it effectively by healing. Although it can be a slow process, it shows a person that the world is not a straightforward and simple place and is filled with various people of different complexities so trust and friendship or in this case relationship should be done with extreme carefulness. However, as life goes on, the process of getting over bitter traumas does happen and the challenges of life along with time ease healing and pave the way for forgetting a bitter episode from the past.

Here are some of the best ways by which you can get over a drastic heartbreak soon-

Listen to sad music

Source : Quora

Music therapy is used for healing people who are suffering from pain or trauma. To deal with the hurt that is invisible to others’ eyes but pricks you quite often at times like a rush of pain that rises slowly but deeply when we cut ourselves against sharp surfaces but without any external marks, plug the headphones on your ears and listen to some of your choicest sad songs on loop. With different frequencies of beats and tunes playing against your eardrums, the lyrics of the song will wash over you like you are literally experiencing it before your eyes or vividly in your imagination. A flow of tears from your eyes will then occur easily and it will help you to light your emotional and mental burden, increase the feelings of relief following which you will get some easiness in your body and the process of healing will enhance. Crying reduces stress, relieves pain and helps in getting a sensation of peacefulness. Studies have shown that the calming, mood-enhancing, and pain-relieving effects of crying above may help a person fall asleep more easily so that he / she can approach the next day on a more positive note. Music has the ability to provide company and comfort like a close friend.

Practice deep meditation for some minutes daily

Source : Mens Journal

There isn’t a super effective remedy than deep meditation for achieving a great sense of relaxation. A flawless and priceless treatment which can transform mental health by leaps and bounds is meditation but the drawback is that it only depends on the way you use it to heal yourself. Take out some time early in the morning and practice deep meditation for about fifteen minutes. While being in the state of intense self-concentration, visualize yourself as an independent individual who can be better off alone and enjoying every pleasure that life has to offer as a single person. Soak yourself in the feeling of how beautiful life would be when you have no one by your side to rant on you for doing this or that. When you do this daily for some days, you will find that your self-love will increase rapidly, positivity will become a part of your character and you will find that those bitter but distant memories of the past were just one of the many episodes of the real drama known as life.

Practice gratitude in its various forms

Source : Route to Life

One of the most powerful ways of attracting happiness and positivity in your life is practicing gratitude in such a way that your sub-conscious mind makes it difficult for you to perceive a negative outlook in any situation. A number of motivational speakers as well as astrologers, tarot card readers say that scripting techniques are a sure shot way of attracting abundance quickly in the areas of your life. Some of the popular scripting techniques are the 369 manifestation technique and 555 technique. These are also known as Law of Attraction (LOA) techniques. The LOA methods are an excellent way of manifesting your deepest desires. The 555 technique implies that you have to write your desire 55 times for five consecutive days. Meanwhile, the 369 manifestation technique involves writing down your wish in a particular sequence- 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times at night.  When you are writing affirmations like “ I am in love with myself” or any kind of positive wish, you will definitely going to feel better with each passing day. Meanwhile, take out time to remind yourself whenever you feel low with positive affirmations or listen to motivational videos on YouTube. It will work wonders on increasing your self-esteem

Accept the tragedy and remove everything associated with it

Source : Simul Docs

The mandatory thing that you have to do is accept the fact that the breakup has happened and you must move on away from it ahead in life. To stop getting yourself hurt every now and then, delete all the photos and videos that you had taken with your ex and sell or give away the gifts or things that are associated with the tragic relationship. As they say – Everything happens for a reason so you should look for better company whenever the time comes and drive away all the toxicity from your past and be ready to welcome a new and beautiful change in life.

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North eastern names of an Indian identity: the music musing Taba Chake

taba chake

Stirred by the lusciousness of human emotions striking a chord in every note, struck by the display of sheer versatility in setting down upon hearts as words strung in not one language and driven to serendipitous experience of such realisations universal enough even in their stemming from very personal accounts- such is the magnificence of what Taba Chake renders out from the repertoire of his artistic richness that has one inevitably fawning over the young musician’s impeccable sense of sound and sentiments. And for someone hailing for a land as pure in its evoking of the identity of being The Land of the Rising Sun, the Arunachal born Nyishi Chake chases indeed to perfection the exact extents of what it takes to create soulful music out of such influences of the natural that has been shaping the human sensibility ever since.

Finding himself drawn to the medley of musings that music dwells in all its melody had been a rather young Chake, all of six who attempted even back then to make this fore of expression his very own. By as early as the age of 11, the still school going child was already penning his own songs. That might itself be quite a revelation in creativity for someone so young but such was the extent of Chake’s awareness of his musical dream harbouring within a potential in being indeed the universal language that music has eternally proven to be that the Nyishi lad decide to prioritise the use of his native language as the medium for him to pour his heart out as honestly as he could. Call it the calling of his destiny or instead, his assuming for himself an identity that stood out as being a true musician indeed, unafraid of the possible limiting of scope that the choice of a regional language- dialect more accurately- might entail and Taba Chake stands out every bit as the musician that he has always wanted to be- unrestrained in the power of what he holds as someone poring very deep indeed into the hearts and souls of the human with his narrative in much heartwarmingness.

Lend an ear to any of the musical pieces that Chake has poured his heart and soul into and one would decipher with much awe the immense command that this man has over the intriguing complexities of what shapes up the most poignant of human understandings. There exists of course also the charms of nature around which he so often hums or the fascinating fore of folklore to draw upon but across all such influences that bathes his music in a beauty unparalleled is the manner in which the now 28 year old singer- songwriter fosters the intimacy that he enjoys with each of these assertions. The premise of his compositions need not be always residing in cases of his own, as he freely incorporates also the greater life experiences of those around him into his creations. But in every single delivery of what entails as pleasing always plays upon the senses is embedded a certain character that allows Chake to make the audience a part of his intimate confession.

The assertion of the charming might dictate the terms of Taba Chake’s music every time he lends his voice and vision to his distinctly definite numbers but even within this mode in profoundness of identifying as a true indeed artiste, it is the sheer diversity of his range that enthralls in as much potency. From the mellifluous and the melancholic to the hip and the happy, the now Mumbai based guitarist’s music is mimicking of a reality that is multifarious indeed.

Consider for instance his 2016 debut album Bond with Nature that very evidently gives away the basis of its being as deriving from the harmonious harps of nature- something that Chake has had first hand witness to in his roots in the hamlet of Rono in Arunachal Pradesh. Cut to three years later and his second album Bombay Dreams is a massive departure away from the theme of what his beginnings had seen him in. But even in the midst of this diversity, there continued to flow a parallel still that Chake perhaps brings into as part of his very nature. Because while Bombay Dreams might have been a mix of the numerous expressions of the human emotions, rendered by the singer in much depth indeed whether it be in eloquently elocuting the highs of love and the hopes in happiness or in dwelling instead on loneliness while seeking succour once again in nature but aspiring to and exuding indeed positivity all throughout, it indeed is deriving upon an experience more revealing than arousing. That of course has to do much with the influence from which Bombay Dreams stems, based on the singer’s own journey through the dream city of Mumbai when he first moved there. And yet, delve into the essence of what emanates from both Bond with Nature and Bombay Dreams and the the vibe that permeates each of these pieces of music is identical in the manner in which they feed into the inner confines of the soul.

Even then, Bombay Dreams surely is different and in a way that best establishes the allure embedded in Chake’s uniqueness. A trilingual venture that has its ten tracks explore musical nuances in English, Hindi and Nyishi, some of them spanning over a eight year period of development, the album marks a win for the young artiste in a way perhaps even his maiden release had not. Because while the album might have been commendable in its success, managing to amount to some 12.2 million streams across all platforms, even making it to No 12 on the All Genre Charts of Apple Music, it endowed upon Chake, or rather upon his musical credibilities a recognition in exactly the way he wanted. With each of the three Nyishi tracks No Doma Lo, Hugulo and Ngo Akin receiving widespread acclaim and fame, it seems as if half the musical battle has been already won by Taba Chake in just his second overall and first full length offering.

It though isn’t in asserting the prowess of his vocals or the simplistic poignancy of the lyrics that this Arunachal musician has managed to eke out his own distinctive identity as one truly encompassing within himself the nature of music as a bonding element in all universality. A phenomenal guitarist as well, particularly known for his intricate play in fingerpicking, the dynamics of music plays out through Chake from the core of his heart. In fact, so real has been the love that music commands out of him that saw Taba even dropping out from one of the prestigious music schools of the country for which he had been granted a scholarship due to the less heartfelt and more technical nature of the course. It again is this true love for music indeed that has led Chake to tread numerous genres of music and find his pace through each one of them and to his own artistic satisfaction as well, so much so that he chooses to chart out self identity as a mix indie over the independent musician classification.

Influenced by and imbibing as well different styles of music in his own to emerge as a uniquely conversant musician more than fluent in every aspect of his craft is Chabe whose range of inspiration encompasses jazz and rock and metal and pop and pretty much everything that sums up the true feel of what music is.

For all his dabbling in different languages though, much like his drawing upon different genres, and finding most resonance perhaps in his rendition in the Nyishi tongue even when he himself finds it rather difficult a medium in elocuting the emotions, Taba started out as part of a Hindi band for which he performed from 2009 tp 2011. Even prior to that, Chake had been playing the guitar and composing music for a metal band while even having performed technical metal. Evolving indeed considerably therefore across every area of his interest within the musical spectrum has been this still young musician whose present day expertise in singing and songwriting and guitaring stems out of a penchant for this art, the basis of which can be seen as resting in some sort of curious incitation.

Born into a family never having experienced the feel of a school, let alone perhaps explore the prospect of an unconventional career in music, Taba Chake’s strides upon the music world though availed out of the particular fondness his mother displayed for different types of songs. From Bollywood numbers to old folk songs that he witnessed his mother enjoying, as well as in the musical inclinations of his uncle, Taba found himself fostering a love for this definite something that appealed to one and all, irrespective of what determined their social and economic status or even their overall state of existence. It might have been in the company of his school friends that Taba realised what music truly meant to him and accurately enough to know of it as being his life but it still had been his family whose support made the journey possible for the Arunachali lad.

Soft and gentle in his musical approach, something that is characteristic of his music in vocals as well in the guitar chops, exuding forever love and positivity reminiscent therefore of a dream that manifests as reality, conjuring always of images vividly beautiful drawing indeed upon his fortunate brush with the most exuberant of nature’s riches courtesy his identity being ingrained within the picturesque verdancy of the north east Indian alluding, the extent of emotional enrichment that entails out of the music occurring under Taba Chake’s name- and fame- is such that elevates only further the enigmatic eclecticism upon which this proudly Nyishi singer seeks to establish his entire recognition.

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