Christian Pulisic time-traveled back to 2000 for shocking new haircut

Christian Pulisic has American soccer fans scratching their heads after turning up with a haircut that should have stayed in the 2000s.

Soccer players are still undefeated in the ability to pick questionable hairstyles. Even the biggest talents find a way to make the worst decisions on that front.

If you doubt that, just look at Christian Pulisic’s new haircut.

The prosecution rests. The American star is guilty of committing a hair crime.

Christian Pulisic has to make up for his new haircut with his play

Pulisic is on track to be the best American soccer player of all time. His skill on the pitch just doesn’t match his sense in the barbershop apparently.

That cut looks like something Eminem, the Backstreet Boys and millions of people who grew up in the 2000s now regret. Only it’s worse because it also has mullet energy. There’s a whole cold open from Brooklyn Nine-Nine addressing what should be done to styles like this.

To each his own. But also, yikes.

Pulisic’s future is fairly uncertain right now. Maybe he needed to do something drastic atop his head to make sense of the coming summer.

He’s reportedly the subject of transfer discussions as his role with Chelsea is debated. He’s also getting ready for the World Cup, his first with the USMNT after failing to qualify in 2018.

Whether he’s still playing in London or wearing new colors when the season begins, this could be one of the most significant stretches of his career. At just 23 years old, he’ll be looking to make waves for club and country over the coming months.

Hopefully those headlines he warrants are for better things than his hair.