Could Bears end season with better record than Packers?

At 3-5, the Chicago Bears are Green Bay Packers are tied in the NFC North, but is it possible the former beats out the latter for the better record?

To put it in simple terms, the Green Bay Packers, in the 21st century, have always been a step up ahead of the Chicago Bears.

From Aaron Rodgers’ childish outburst of “owning the team” to the BJ Raji pick in the NFC Championship Game, the list goes on with how the green and gold have been better than the blue and orange.

However, in 2022, both are in the same place. Both sit at 3-5, yet entered the season with entirely different expectations. Chicago is supposed to be in a rebuild, while Green Bay was expected to compete for a Super Bowl once again.

Instead, both are sitting back and watching from afar, as the Minnesota Vikings are in a groove right now with a big lead in the division and, from the outside, look bent on not relinquishing that title and making a run to the playoffs.

But will the Chicago Bears finish with a better record than the Green Bay Packers? The answer is likely no.

The Chicago Bears will still not finish with a better record than the Green Bay Packers this year

Even though Chicago made moves at the deadline, trading away Roquan Smith and Robert Quinn while bringing in Chase Claypool, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will end up with a better record than Green Bay.

The Windy City is still in a rebuild and will need to be very active in the off-season in signing offensive linemen to protect Justin Fields and open up the passing/running game. At the same time, they will need to invest heavily in the defensive line, as that’s the most essential part of any defensive unit outside the secondary.

Meanwhile, though Green Bay is in a state of discomfort, they still have a more talented roster than the Bears and will likely ride that good fortune out the rest of the season, even if it goes southward in terms of their record. They will still beat out the Bears for the better record, although it’s not going to mean as much, given what 2022-23 has been.

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