Dak Prescott chose the Lions as the team he wanted to return against

Sounds like Dak Prescott wanted an opponent that would allow him to get back in a groove in his return from injury. The Lions could do just that.

There’s something to be said about challenging yourself to do hard things, but when the easy option is right there, why not give that a go? As Dallas Cowboys quareterback Dak Prescott comes back from injury, it seems like he was looking for an easy game to get back in a groove and find his footing again.

According to a report from ESPN’s Ed Werder, Prescott specifically chose the Detroit Lions to return against after missing the last 5 games due to injury. As Werder points out, he’s performed well against Detroit. Prescott is 3-0 against them with eight touchdowns and no interceptions across three games. He has a QBR of 126.2 vs Detroit.

That has to be some extra motivation for the 1-4 Lions to hear that a recently-injured quarterback wants to get his first reps back in a game against you. It’s almost as if Dak is viewing this as a warm-up opportunity for himself to get his footing for the rest of the season.

Dak Prescott has a tenable schedule over the next two weeks

Had Prescott not made it back for the Lions game, the next game would have been against the 2-4 Chicago Bears. The Bears are better than the Lions, but not by much.

After that, things get a bit dicier. The Cowboys have the Packers, Vikings, and Cowboys before they get a bit of a breather against the Colts, Texans, and Jaguars. Having a two-game runway against should-be inferior opponents will help Prescott find his rhythm and get ready for the meatier parts of their schedule.

Right now, the Christmas Eve game against the Philadelphia Eagles figures to be the main one circled on the calendar for both teams. Philly — currently unbeaten — took the first matchup of the year from Dallas. The second matchup is in AT&T Stadium, though, and Prescott will be starting if he’s healthy. Depending on how the season shakes out, that could be the game to determine who takes the NFC East title.

Anything can happen on an NFL Sunday, so let’s make sure Prescott was right to pick the Lions as his warm-up opponent before we start projecting the end-of-season outcomes.

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