Did Willson Contreras just hint at his next move on Instagram?

Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras’ latest instagram post hints that something big might be looming. 

Contreras has been mentioned in trade rumors all season long, with the team failing to make much headway in contract extension talks. That’s all fine and good, but considering Chicago just traded away four members of their core last season, dealing Contreras would be another PR disaster for a team already struggling to pitch a rebuild to fans.

Six years ago, the Cubs won their first title in 108 years. Now, they’re voluntarily tearing that team apart in favor of another. Trading Contreras could, perhaps, help speed up that process. He’s at an in-demand position (catcher) and one of the best in the game.

With Contreras now on the other side of 30, is a trade imminent? He might’ve given us a hint in his latest Instagram post.

Willson Contreras rumors: Will Cubs trade him?

Contreras thanked fans as if this were the end of his run, or the end of the 2022 season. Rather, it’s only mid-June.

What’s next for the All-Star catcher? Most recently, Contreras has been linked with the San Francisco Giants, who are in desperate need of a catcher. But that doesn’t tell the full story.

One thing is for sure: an extension is not around the corner.

“Even if they have talked, I haven’t been told anything by him yet,” Contreras said of extension talks just a few days ago. “Really, I don’t think they have communicated yet. I told him (my agent) if he thinks something can be worked out, I want to know. I did tell him I am not focused on that. I am focused on staying healthy and being there to try to help this team win every day.”

So, per Contreras himself, it doesn’t sound like much headway has been made, and a last-ditch offer has yet to be delivered. Are Jed Hoyer and the Cubs front office resigned to the fact they’ll trade Contreras at the trade deadline?

Given recent actions, the answer would seem to be yes.

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