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Don’t Sell The Steak, Sell The Complicity! — See Also

If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Through The Kitchen: Morton’s Steakhouse helped Brett Kavanaugh run away through the back door when protesters arrived at a restaurant and then offered its own hilariously bad take on constitutional law.

Reach For The Moon And If You Fail You’ll End Up Among The Top Practice Areas: Vault releases list of top-ranked firms broken out by practice area and region.

Every Constitutional Violation Is Bigger In Texas: Texas legislators inform Sidley that they’re going to be targeted for announcing reproductive health coverage for Texas-based employees. The theory is that Sidley will be aiding and abetting something that… isn’t a crime in the state where it happens? Can we prosecute gun stores in Texas for selling guns that get used in mass shootings in New York now? Because that’s the logic here.

Close But No Gross Breach Of Basic Evidentiary Norms!: Lindsey Graham tries to get out of Georgia subpoena arguing that asking state officials to commit crimes is just part of being a legislator. The judge was… unimpressed by this theory.

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