Eagles trade deadline rumor and report tracker

The NFL trade deadline is on November 1, and the Philadelphia Eagles are likely to be buyers. Here we’ll track all the rumors and reports in advance of the deadline, and opine on the logic and legitimacy of each of them.

The Eagles are “calling around,” possibly about the availability of Panthers edge rusher Brian Burns

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN is apparently reporting that the Eagles are calling around about the availability of players, possibly including Brian Burns. H/t BLG on the transcription here.

“Brian Burns is a player teams are trying to get. The Panthers are telling teams, ‘no, that we’re probably done [after trading Robbie Anderson and Christian McCaffrey]. We made some moves. We want to keep core foundational pieces like wide receiver DJ Moore and Burns.’ I’m told teams like the LA Rams, who barely have a first-round pick, they’re trying to get Brian Burns. The Chiefs and the Eagles are calling around.

“One GM told me it’s a minimum two first-round pick buy-in to get Burns. That’s how coveted he is. So, the Panthers have some tough decisions because teams are going to make some attractive offers. They could move some role players or some backups, but I think their top five or six players they really want to keep.”

While it was not reported that the Eagles specifically inquired about Burns, one might make that leap since Burns is who Fowler was already discussing.

Adam Schefter reported Sunday morning that the Panthers have turned down an offer of multiple first-round picks for Burns.

#JimmySays: Of course the Eagles have inquired about Burns. It would be malpractice not to. We covered the appeal of Burns here, and got into more detail on the financial feasibility of trading for him here.  

The cost of two first-round picks is wishful thinking on the Panthers’ part, if they are open to trading Burns. As a point of comparison, in September 2018 the Raiders traded Khalil Mack to the Bears for a package that included two first-round picks:

Bears got  Raiders got 
Khalil Mack  1st round pick (2019) 
2nd round pick (2020)  1st round pick (2020) 
7th round pick (2020)  3rd round pick (2020) 
  6th round pick (2019) 

Burns could be an impact player for a contender, but he is not what Khalil Mack was at the time of that trade. In the three seasons preceding that trade, Mack had won Defensive Player of the Year honors (2016), earned two first-team All-Pro nods (2015 and 2016), and three Pro Bowl nods (2015, 2016, and 2017). Burns has been to one Pro Bowl.

There was reporting that Carolina wouldn’t part with Christian McCaffrey for less than two first-round picks, and they wound up trading him for a 2, a 3, a 4, and a 5, the cumulative value of which was in the ballpark of one late first-round pick, which, frankly, was a steal for them.

Would the Eagles be interested if the cost were their own first-round pick (not the Saints pick), and, say, a Day 2 pick in 2024? That would be more realistic if the Panthers are interested in stockpiling picks to draft a quarterback next offseason. 

All of the above said, it would be logical for the Panthers to simply keep Burns unless they are blown away by an offer they can’t refuse. Though clearly, they are open to trading him or they wouldn’t have told Schefter that they turned down an offer of two first round picks for him, which, by the way, mmhmm, I’m sure they did.

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