Everything Aaron Boone said after Yankees get swept by Astros

The Yankees season is over. Officially swept by the Houston Astros, here’s what Aaron Boone had to say after the Game 4 loss. 

Maybe the optimistic twist for New York Yankees fans is this may be the last they have to hear from Aaron Boone for several months. Perhaps unfairly bearing the weight of mistakes made above him by Brian Cashman, Boone has been the target of Yankee’s fans irks over the years he’s been manager.

Fans are understandably anxious to know what he had to say after the Game 4 loss to the Houston Astros which completed a sweep to knock them out of World Series contention.

Here’s everything Boone said in his postgame press conference.

Everything Aaron Boone said after Astros swept Yankees

On the ending, here was Boone’s monologue on the pain of the ending:

“It’s an awful thing. Awful, awful ending. It always stings, it hurts. No one I’d rather do it with than those guys in there and how much, how together they are. So you know, you kind of lean on each other in there, but the ending, as I’ve said before it’s cruel. So much goes into it and trying to climb to that top of the mountain. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get there yet. Continues to, you know, I know we continue to motivate everyone in there to try to get there. And that’s what we work for, you don’t take for granted the opportunity you have sitting in front of you. But the ending, the ending is terrible.”

Boone spoke on his message to the team after the loss, H/T to Marly Rivera.

“Just grateful to do it with them. You know, acknowledge, you know, unfortunately many of us have felt this feeling together… That not getting all the way there and having this ending. And it never gets easier. You try to put it in perspective with, you know, obviouisly families and health and things like that. Real tragedies out there you try to have that perspective. But you understand keenly what everyone is feeling right now in that room, so, uh, you try to reflect a little bit on it and also, hopefully allow it to be another log on the fire that creates that burn and motivation heading into the offseason that you want to be on that stage you want to be playing for all of it. You got to keep fighting for it.”

He called it an awful day.

Boone also said the Astros are the better team.

“We got beat by a better team. They’re clearly setting the mark in this league that we’re aspiring to get to.”

Aaron Judge was obviously on the mind’s of fans and everyone in the press room. Judge is a free agent this offseason after the Yankees failed to strike a deal before the season began to extend his contract. It may have been his last game as a Yankee.

It could be a long offseason for the Yankees. Their history puts more pressure to perform on the team than any other in the league, yet they haven’t won a World Series since 2009. That’s a long drought for the pinstripes.

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