Freddie Freeman has officially put agent, Braves drama behind him

The stats say it all. Freddie Freeman was never struggling, but after his return to Atlanta and dropping his agent, he’s gone back to focusing on what matters — baseball.

Freeman and the Dodgers are quietly –as always, seemingly — one of the best teams in all of baseball. While the National League theoretically runs through Atlanta, it would be a surprise if Los Angeles didn’t have something to say about that before all is said and done come October.

Los Angeles’ free-agent acquisition has been on fire of late, proving once and for all that he’s adjusted to his new role as a Dodgers franchise cornerstone.

Freddie Freeman puts Braves, agency controversy behind him

Freeman had a rough May…and June for that matter. His return to Atlanta was more somber than anything else, as Freddie realized he never wanted to leave the Braves in the first place.

This was shortly followed by an agency controversy, as it was reported by Doug Gottlieb that Freeman was not given all of the Braves’ offers, despite the agency knowing how much he wanted to return to Atlanta.

Casey Close, Freeman’s agent, has denied this and sued Gottlieb for libel.

MLBPA issued a statement to reporters and agents suggesting they not approach Freeman about this delicate topic. Thus far, he has not commented, other than saying how much he enjoyed his time in Atlanta.

He and Clayton Kershaw, after a bit of a rocky start, look like old friends. Life as a Dodger isn’t all bad, especially when Freeman was added to the NL All-Star Game roster as a reserve.

The transition hasn’t been perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but Freeman’s deal with the Dodgers goes for five more seasons after this one. It just took some time to adjust to his new surroundings.

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