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Give A Damn About Your Reputation?


As you may recall, a few months ago we surveyed legal professionals about what they consider the greatest threat to their careers.

If you saw the results, published in April, you know that “reputational harm” was legal professionals’ No. 1 fear. It was very unlike Joan Jett — and very intriguing.

We wanted more info: What kind of reputational risk do you fear specifically, and what steps are y’all taking to protect your reputation?

So, being our nosy selves, we sent out another survey, this one digging deeper.

Is malpractice more frightening than a data breach? Are small firms dreading judicial sanctions, or is it social media that instills the true terror?

Check out this report from our friends at Embroker to learn lawyers’ deepest, darkest, most self-centered fears — if you dare.

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