Here’s What May Be On The Agenda

Trading backed by blocked amount, easier takeover guidelines for public sector enterprises, shorter timeline for open offers and buybacks, and changes to IPO filing norms are among the items that will be taken up for discussion at the market regulator’s board on Sept. 30.

The board of Securities and Exchange Board of India will also discuss additional disclosure for new-age companies, regulatory framework for debt securities, bond trading platform rules, insider trading norms for mutual fund units, and execution-only platforms.

Based on discussion papers and commentary of the regulator, here’s what is likely to be on SEBI’s board meet agenda:

Trade Supported By Blocked Amount

The market regulator is looking to introduce a feature-like application supported by blocked amount in the secondary market as well. ASBA payment mechanism is followed for IPOs. SEBI’s board could discuss expanding it to trading or issue a discussion paper.

Pre-IPO Filing

The board is likely to approve pre-filing of offer document with SEBI and stock exchanges without making it available to the public for an initial scrutiny period. The document shall contain all disclosures as required currently under Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements.

The issuer will have to publicly disclose that it has pre-filed an offer document with the regulator and such a pre-filing does not necessarily mean that the company would go ahead with an IPO.

The issuer and the lead managers will also have to submit an undertaking  to not launch a marketing or an advertising campaign referring to the intended IPO or showcasing key performance indicators to the public through any means, including social media.

On receiving SEBI observations, the issuer may decide to pursue the IPO after filing an updated DRHP, a public document incorporating all observations made by the regulator.

Tighter Disclosures For New-Age Companies

The board is also working on tighter regulations for new-age companies. The disclosures will seek greater information about the valuation of fundraise within a year prior to the IPO, and reasons for deviation in valuations between the two events.

Streamlining Open Offer, Buyback Timelines

SEBI’s primary market advisory committee recommended a review of overall timelines for procedural activities, including the tendering period, to synchronise the timelines of all the tender offers—open offers, buybacks and delisting offers—to the extent possible.

The committee recommended reducing the timeline of processing for all open offers and buybacks from T+62 to T+42.

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