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How To Increase Document Productivity And Efficiency Throughout Your Legal Drafting Workflow

mark-gb45c474c6_1280The very process of creating and delivering legal documents only exacerbates the ever-present sense of concern about their quality. Collaborating with multiple drafters and reviewers — especially on complex documents with tight deadlines and high stakes — all too often results in unstable documents with inconsistent formatting and styling.

Join us on June 30th at 1 p.m. ET for this webinar to uncover how law firms and corporate legal departments alike can manage their document workflows effectively and efficiently by using a succession of technology tools that work to complement your workflows and not dictate them. Meeting their clients’ — and their own — expectations without breaking the bank or driving their associates away. This webinar is available for 1.0 CLE for all attendees.


Can’t make the event? Still register today and a copy will be available to watch on-demand!