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Careers make for crucial considerations in what concerns the complete character of the human intending to craft out one of and for their own. In fact as being alternative identity residings for our very person, the profession we choose and pursue is one of much- if not utmost importance in our lives. Which is why it is so important to be very certain about the type of career that one decides to live through. Of course to be switching jobs and making a transition along different career paths is a prospect more than real and more so in today’s world. And that is what makes the careful consideration of one’s professional identity emerge at once as both a liability and an asset significant indeed in its impact upon the overall quality of life of its pursuer.

The jobs we work or the career path we course through might not be the ultimate definer of identity. But recognising the reality of our lives being composed in considerable chunks of what we do to sustain that experience in existing at its most basic or in as much luxury it is more than evident indeed that our treading of the professional world is not a mutually exclusive life ‘chore’. It pays therefore- quite literally that we be very judicious in our choice of not just the greater identity of our careers but also in the work designation accruing to us and realise the need for effecting any change when we can feel an yearning for it.

It is easier said than done though for such clarity to come to us always and in much certainty as well, specifically when it is something sustaining of our entire life and living. And with so many factors as well in having to consider for an as accurate as possible determination of what job profile and which career path suits us best, we could all do with some wise expertise and guidance indeed from someone having experienced also for themselves similar such awarenesses in some way or the other.

That isn’t any novelty indeed- this recognising of the need for career coaches and counsellors to ‘be there’ for doling out curated advice and suggestions crafted to individual lines of working in sync with the aspirations of their harbouring. But even beyond the reputation of these certified career coaches and people professionally trained to help others out of the conflicting mess, it is a new ‘generation’ altogether of such guides that has come to be more than assertive in their reach even without any exact qualification to back their command over this area of much requirement indeed.

Outside industry specified certifications, it also isn’t the extended, extensive experience of these people that count in establishing their reputation since most of them happen to be considerably younger professionals themselves. Availing of the merits that the advancement of the digital times have afforded are these identities asserting instead as the very new age phenomenon of career influencers that has come to be a sustainable scope of existence in themselves.

But what makes these people not so advanced in years and often times also not distinguishably distinct in their own span of working jobs and handling careers stand out to be so actively sought after and listened to in this much crucial area of existing is again the ‘currentness’ of them. That is to say, they tend to be more relevant to the understandings of what shapes up work expectations today with many of their kind actively coursing still this realm of the professional. Coming across as more relevant therefore in both their person as well as the experience they hold, these new age career influencers frequently encountered upon the mass platforms of social media also boast of this medium of easy accessibility to further up their own accountability.

Of course what appeals also is the less traditionally formal and more casually relatable aspect of their residing. As people who do not necessarily turn up in suits across spaces with impressions of the institutional writ all over, these profiles of social media tend also to be as fun and inviting in the vibe of them. And while that might not be an exact requirement that something as critical as the consideration of one’s career course calls for, it indeed is helpful enough in making this whole aspect of dealing with the uncertainties a lesser intimidating affair to consider.

Add in the rather mattering factor of being free ‘services’ that can be readily availed anywhere anytime and this niche category of the social media influencer identity steps up to the occasion in the most complete way possible. The audience of their addressing is as niche as well- young professionals and early career enthusiasts some of whom might have only begun treading this part of the world is what the career influencers enabled to come to focus by technology mostly attend to. That indeed is what drives up their relatability quotient, while also helping establish a reputation in the associated areas of trustworthiness and authenticity and transparency, making them come across as much more real even in their digital basis of delivering.

Weighing in yet again upon the consideration in favour of career influencers would be the casual approach of their choosing and not just in the manner of relaying. In coming to be through a platform necessarily engaging, these people differently influencing career aspirations and the navigation of that path also tend to be much more easier to believe and relate to due to them often drawing upon their own experiences. In recounting their personal encounter along similar areas and playing out thus real life tales of what happened and how they worked their way out of it, digital career influencers manage to assert a greater degree of truth in their being.

This very natural residing in first hand experiences lends a certain human connect to these ‘sessions’ in advising and influencing career concerns. Relatability thus plays out through myriad many layers of how career influencers do their job, even when the whats of their doing are nothing rather different from the traditional career coaching course. Much ironic it might be that even in their not very physical presence career influencers tend to be still more assertive of their standing in that dimension of the real and in all aspects of defining.

Striking also thus in some fore of familiarity as one would expect out of such rather personal perspectives in careering would be the assertion of this new crop of influencers as someone more resonating in their capacity of being a friend almost. To be attributing such characteristics of the emotional to what is ultimately a career path in itself might not quite sit with the notions of what career counsellors are known to do. And yet it exactly is in such closing in on the gap that career influencers have managed in doing that they are able to flaunt an identity in being validating of the tricky experiences of many a other.

Like the different mode of their dwelling, it also is the diverse way of existence that makes career influencers also somewhat unique in their dimension of working. That is something more called for though than being something deliberately worked in, as per the shifting aspirations and evolving expectations of what work and career has come to mean. With concepts of work- life balance and job satisfaction comparatively more articulated today than in the past, not to mention certain some issues and problems that crop up now being also as far removed from the trails of the traditional, it only is natural that the approach in addressing career concerns would be also as new and novel even when deriving upon that same strand of core essence.

The scope of addressing is one more expansive as well. No longer is career counselling just about the dynamics of determining the professional character of what one wants to pursue in considering the prospects of both pay and passion. It instead is a much more multilinear leaning in realistic reference of the diverse things that matter in the context of a fulfilling work experience finding greater representation in this interest of influencer.

Also, the area of their concern does not dwell so much on the requirements of what career guidance alludes to in being evoking of the greater notion in helping people discover their aptitude across different avenues of employment. It instead is what follows after one has made their choice in deciding the path of a definite identification that career influencers are more concentrating upon. That of course is something easily transcended in specifically curated, personal dealing with clients but the general hold of their domain that occurs as all inclusive is one of much encompassing. It is in aspects of job rather than career per se that these influencers largely deliver in their easy reach to all.

Everything from the less complex issues of handling the jitters in facing an interview to trickier aspects of salary negotiation are sufficiently explored by this new gen people who however are mostly helping a younger generation of job seekers and workers with their own very dated experience in employment. Their maneuvering through issues of the formal work setup also is acknowledging of the perplexing realities of a job change or an entire career shift even as the ‘softer’ but no less essential considerations in communicating with managers and colleagues or responding to reviews of employee performances too are addressed by these very informed of career influencers. And it is in attending to such details of what define the dimensions of the professional world in regular occurrence outside of the one off instances in hiring and negotiating that makes career influencers such a hit in their area of residing.

Another thing that sets career influencers apart from the conventional means in career counselling or even non professional guidance by some of the most experienced people in employment is their advantage in having charted out themselves the contemporary route in working. They constantly derive from their own experiences while at the same time drawing also upon their much dynamic network of connections along the realms of the digital to essentially work in such facets of work that remains out of scope otherwise. Specifically in all important considerations of the elusive work life balance or the burgeoning burden of burnouts and layoffs and the concepts of unhealthy work environments, career influencers have managed to outpace those they are following in the footsteps of, though in their own custom shoes. It is in their relatability and relevance as well as in trustworthiness and in their very vibe as well that this category of social media influencers have paved the path of their own careers as career influencers.

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