Is McDonald’s open on July 4th? [Updated July 2022]

Is McDonald’s open on July 4th?

McDonald’s was established all the way back in 1940 in California but it took a long time for the company to get to their success of late.

Ray Kroc bought the company in 1955 from Richard and Maurice McDonald (the two brothers that founded the company) when they only had nine locations. Under Kroc and until his death in 1984, the company expanded to over 7,500 locations in the United States and more than three dozen other countries.

Since then, McDonald’s has become the largest and most successful fast-food chain on the planet. They have more than 39,000 locations spread over 100 countries.

While many people in the United States of America will be celebrating Independence Day with family and friends outside at a barbecue and watching fireworks, some folks might have a taste for a Big Mac, which is about as American as you can get. But will they be able to alleviate their craving on July 4?

McDonald’s hours: Is McDonald’s open or closed on Fourth of July 2022?

Most McDonald’s locations in the United States will be open on July 4 for their regular hours, including their 24-hour locations.

However, as a reminder, all locations are independently owned so individual restaurants could be closed. Therefore, it’s recommended that you check out their app to see if your specific location is open or you can also call the store. You can check to see where the nearest location to you is right here as well as the contact information and hours for the locations.

Most locations will be open from 6 AM to 11 PM through the drive-thru but some locations may have reduced hours for indoor dining, including their 24-hour locations. For example, some of their 24-hour locations are only 24 hours through the drive thru but are only open on the inside from 7 AM to 7 PM.

So even in the unlikely event that one location by you happens to be closed for July 4, other locations nearby may be open for you to quench your fast-food craving.


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