Is Taco Bell open today? [Updated July 2022]

If you want to celebrate America’s birthday right, you better get go some Taco Bell, bruh!

To best celebrate democracy, you better believe copious amounts of burritos, tacos, and whatnot from Taco Bell will help you ring in the Fourth of July.

If you cannot afford fireworks or they are illegal in your area, the very least you can do on the Fourth of July is to try to eat your bodyweight in Taco Bell deliciousness. If you hate Taco Bell, that is your right living in America, but those in the know will judge you accordingly. We do not want to hang out with you. You are not getting an invite to the lake or the beach, so you can go cry more.

It would be about the most unpatriotic thing ever if Taco Bell was not open on the Fourth of July.

Taco Bell 4th of July hours: Is Taco Bell open 4th of July 2022??

You’re got dam right Taco Bell is open the Fourth of July! You may be able to get crunchwraps, Mexican pizzas and those twisty cinnamon things out the wazoo, but please refrain from shooting a roman candle into the drive-thru window. However, you are more than welcome to blast Toby Keith on infinite repeat to celebrate the day our Founding Fathers told King George III to go to hell.

For those angry at me saying TaBe is a most sacred establishment, once again, I am absolutely not inviting you to the lake this weekend. Even if you showed up, I am not giving you sunscreen because you need to go back inside and cry some more. When that fire sauce hits that second chicken quesadilla of two, it hits different, Dawg. Trust me, you are a way better person after this.

Look. Even though we already got a Mount Rushmore of Presidents, the Fourth of July Mount Rushmore already has three things on it and is in dire need of a fourth: Baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet and Taco Bell! There has never been a chain, with the exception of Waffle House, were I felt more at home and was felt less judged than at a Taco Bell drive-thru. It is a truly sacred place.

If you are proud to be an American, be thankful that Yum! Brands has always got your back, Dawg.

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