Jake Paul announces Feb. 26 fight against Tommy Fury


    After two failed attempts, we have another announcement of a fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    The old saying goes, “third time is a charm,” so we all certainly hope so when it comes to seeing the fight that has been in the making since 2021. Earlier today, Jake Paul announced via his Instagram account that he would face Tommy Fury on Feb. 26 live on ESPN+ PPV in the U.S. and BT Sport Box Office in the U.K.

    In the post’s caption, Paul said, “Fumbles has no excuse now. Baby is born. Money is massive. Immigration is not an issue. Paul continued, “Tyson Fury has promised he and Papa John will make Tommy retire from boxing and change his last name forever if he can’t beat the YouTuber. Saturday (Tomorrow), I’m coming to London to look at all three Fury’s in the eye and shake on that promise.” It looks as though the deal Paul signed with the PFL has also delivered this fight, as ESPN will host it by way of Top Rank.

    The history between these two fighters has been interesting as the first time they tried to make the fight back in 2021, Fury suffered an injury which ended up postponing the fight into 2022. Then we were all tuned in when Fury claimed to have visa issues when the fight was scheduled the second time, which led to Paul having that drama with Hasim Rahman Jr. and the contracted weight dispute. There was growing frustration from Paul, and his team, which made it seem like this fight would never happen.

    Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury will stream live on ESPN+ PPV ($49.99) on Feb. 26

    The buildup once again started when Paul appeared at Fury’s last fight, and John Fury had that altercation with Paul where he took his shirt off for the whole world to see. Afterward, Tyson Fury jumped in on the social media taunting, and it seemed like the fight was building up once again. At this point, Paul had a decision to make after beating Anderson Silva, and after huddling up with his team, it looked as though revisiting the Fury fight was the best option for his next fight.

    This one will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where some of the premier events have taken place as of late. Riyadh has hosted WWE’s “Crown Jewel” events for the last few years, and with the success of those shows and recent boxing cards, it looks like they want to keep the momentum going in the middle east with premier shows. The only question leading up to the fight is whether Fury will actually make it to the ring, as his history says otherwise. Once we know both men are in the ring, the question then arises: How does this one play out? You will have to tune in on Feb. 25 to find out.


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