Jake Paul earns UD victory over Anderson Silva (Video)

Jake Paul earned a unanimous decision victory over Anderson Silva on Showtime PPV.

In what was being billed as the most challenging opponent to date, Jake Paul (6-0) faced Anderson Silva (3-2) in an eight-round bout that was the main event on Showtime PPV. After eight very entertaining rounds, Paul won a unanimous decision victory, with the judges scoring this one 77-74, 78-73 & 78-73.

In the opening round, Silva fought at a slow pace as he only landed a handful of punches, one of them being a straight left jab. Paul was busier as he was landing a few punches to the body and just gauging distance.

The second round showed a lot more right away as the feeling-out process was over, and there was plenty of action as Paul came out firing, but Silva’s right uppercut was the punch of the round. Silva also used a smart distraction as if he was going to use his leg for a kick and then followed it with a punch. Paul looked frustrated towards the end of the round as Silva had his way.

Jake Paul knocks down Anderson Silva and fights his way to a unanimous decision victory.

In the third round, Silva started it off by landing some clean uppercuts, but halfway through the round, it seemed like he ran out of gas, and Paul started to pour it on. Although he missed with some big right hands and left hooks, Paul did land some overhand rights that Silva certainly felt. The effect of the punches was reflected in round four as Silva’s nose was busted up and bleeding significantly. Paul was landing more at will, and it seemed like the knockout was coming.

You can tell that the 47-year-old Silva was winded throughout the fifth round. Paul pressed the action in the sixth, but Silva was getting those short uppercuts in. Toward the end of the round, they went blow for blow, leading to the fans cheering both competitors loudly for their efforts.

Paul started landing even harder shots in the seventh round, and a clean three-punch combination focused on Silva’s body. They were effective, as Silva folded quite a few times when those punches landed. Finally, in the eighth, Paul came out quickly with a straight right hand sending Silva down for the first and only knockdown of the fight. Silva got back up and, although was clearly buzzed, he was able to shake it off quickly and land some right hooks on Paul. Silva kept pressuring, but Paul was countering, which was busting up Silva, and his face reflected it.

Once the final bell rang, both men showed each other tremendous respect, and Paul called out MMA legend Nate Diaz as his next opponent along with Canelo Alvarez.

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