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Jeffrey Epstein Still Using Sex-Crime Trust Fund From Beyond The Grave

Spelling aside, U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George is a real stickler when it comes to matters Jeffrey Epstein. Just ask Leon Black, if you’ve got time for an earful. After all, the alleged financier and convicted pedophile pursued many of his more illicit hobbies on the two Virgin Islands he owned for sex-trafficking and picnicking purposes. So imagine her surprise and, frankly, consternation to find that $13 million of the at least $80 million she’s seeking on behalf of the territory in back taxes seems to have gone missing to the benefit of Epstein’s executors. And, in fairness, it seems both right and proper that the USVI should belatedly make clear that it does not offer tax incentives for sex crimes, and bad and gross that Epstein’s lawyer and accountant should benefit in any way from the disposition of his assets to victims both female and territorial, especially in this way:

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