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Jones Day: The ‘Evil’ Empire Of The Biglaw World?

Jones Day by David Lat

(Photo by David Lat)

I wouldn’t use ‘evil’ to describe a big organization like Jones Day. I picked them because I regard them as emblematic of the transformation of the legal industry. It’s representative of how the profession has lost its way.

Their calling card is, ‘We’ll stick with you even if you’re a polarizing, toxic client.’ They wear it as a badge of honor. It could be used at a marketing event.

— David Enrich, author of the new book, “Servants of the Damned” (affiliate link), which serves as an expose on Jones Day and its controversial clientele, including former President Donald Trump, in conversation with Vivia Chen of Bloomberg Law. Retired Jones Day partner Joe Sims referred to Enrich’s book as a “tabloid version of a story that would fit well with other bits of yellow journalism.”

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