Josh Rosen could waste another golden NFL opportunity

The Cleveland Browns are digging into their depth chart coming into the NFL season, and Josh Rosen may not be where he wants to be.

The Cleveland Browns are having an unusual start to their season with quarterback Deshaun Watson now suspended for 11 regular season games. The Browns are going to have to tap into their depth chart, and Josh Rosen may miss his opportunity to move up.

NFL insider Josina Anderson posted a cryptic Tweet about Rosen that is making many people wonder where he may end up.

Rosen is currently the third-string quarterback with Watson excluded. He’s behind Jacoby Brissett and Joshua Dobbs, and though it’s unlikely he’ll beat out Brissett for the starting spot, he may miss his opportunity to be backup. He could even end up being cut.

Browns Josh Rosen’s future in Cleveland is unclear

Rosen, a first-round pick in 2018, has fallen far after failing to become the quarterback of the future in Arizona. The Cardinals swallowed their pride and drafted Kyler Murray the next year, while Rosen has been bouncing around on NFL rosters ever since. Rosen embarrassed himself last season by throwing an interception during an Atlanta Falcons game, even though he hardly played all season.

Unsurprisingly, Rosen’s been showing signs of struggle during the Browns preseason. Dobbs and Rosen are competing to earn the backup quarterback spot for the regular season, and Dobbs is demonstrating a lot more potential.

According to CBS Sports, Rosen completed seven of 20 passes for 88 yards in Sunday’s preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Dobbs nearly doubled Rosen’s performance with 14 of 20 passes completed for 141 yards. He also rushed four times for 47 yards and a touchdown.

There were also rumors on Dobbs possibly being cut, which could backfire onto Rosen if he doesn’t outshine Dobbs. The Browns may be after Jimmy Garoppolo to make up for the big loss of Watson.

Rosen has the opportunity to prove himself, but he may miss it and end up bouncing to yet another NFL team.

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