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Judge Sentenced To Jail Over Sexual Assault Of Co-Workers

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An Asotin County, Washington judge, Scott Gallina, was sentenced earlier this week to 15 months in jail. Making the fall from grace even more poignant — the sentencing occurred in the same courtroom in which he used to preside.

Back in April, Gallina pleaded guilty to a felony — third-degree assault with sexual motivation — and a gross misdemeanor — fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation for assaults against two former co-workers.

In handing out the sentence, Judge Michael Price commended the victims as “heroes,” saying, “I’m overwhelmed by your courage, and awestruck by your dignity. If you hadn’t spoken out, I have no doubt this outrageous behavior would’ve continued.”

As reported by Yahoo, Judge Price was unimpressed with the way Gallina comported himself in the run up to sentencing:

The judge told Gallina he bears him no ill will and knows it’s been difficult on his family, but he was “stunned” by what he read in the presentence investigation.

“It felt like you didn’t even try,” Price said.

Instead of demonstrating remorse for his actions, Gallina focused on his regrets about what the case did to his family, income and career, Price said. The blame was shifted to the victims, when Gallina continued to imply it was all nonsense, and the women were lying for some kind of monetary gain, the judge said.

“I was hoping you’d say, ‘my behavior was outrageous and wrong,’ and that you’re profoundly sorry,” Price said.

Melanie Tratnik of the State Attorney General’s Office argued for a 27-month sentence, pointing to a statement from one of the victims that the assault was “life-altering,” and that they’d suffered from a variety of mental health issues as a result. In arriving at the 15-month sentence, Price ultimately decided that the sentences should be served concurrently.

After he’s released from prison, Gallina must serve three years of community custody and register as a sex offender.

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