Kenny Pickett is already drawing Joe Burrow comparisons

Comparing Kenny Pickett to Joe Burrow is a laughably bad football take by LeSean McCoy.

If Kenny Pickett is the next Joe Burrow, then I’m the next Lewis Grizzard.

Somehow, someway, future Pro Football Hall of Fame running back LeSean McCoy cannot tell the difference between the Pittsburgh Steelers rookie and the Cincinnati Bengals superstar quarterback. McCoy may be incredibly biased since he and the Fake Slide King share the same alma mater, but Burrow is the freaking Geauxt for a reason, y’all. This should not be this hard.

Besides having these tiny hands and playing in the same division, the comparisons stop here.

LeSean McCoy compares Kenny Pickett to Joe Burrow because, of course, he did

I did not want to get on my soap box again, but can we PLEASE stop comparing rookies to transcendent talents? While Pickett is in a great position to have all sorts of success in Pittsburgh, Burrow has already done two things in his football career that were previously unheard of: he led LSU to a national title with the greatest offense ever, and he got the Bengals to the Super Bowl.

Not since Bert Jones was slinging it in Baton Rouge and Boomer Esiason was going hurry-up for the late Sam Wyche had either tiger team been this prolific through the air. Burrow has a chance to be his generation’s Joe Montana, having pretty much already eclipsed whatever Tony Romo did on the football field in just two NFL seasons. Pickett can be great, but Burrow could be a legend.

From a pure comp standpoint, I see Pickett as a more athletic version of Jared Goff or Matt Ryan. This means he will make it to Pro Bowls, throw for a ton of yards and not win a Super Bowl should he get to one. Ryan will be in Canton one day, while it remains to be seen how Goff fares another year removed from Sean McVay giving him all the answers on the test. Pickett is going to be fine.

This is not a slight on Pickett, but more of people not fully grasping how unbelievable Burrow is.

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