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Key Issues In International Taxation For 2022

calculator-gb76653b03_1920Today’s business environment transcends borders. Companies are continuing to expand around the globe, increasingly operating in emerging markets.

As businesses ramp up their global activities, transactions and investment activities will increasingly trigger international tax issues. That means that companies that deal in global markets, as well as the attorneys who advise them, will need a firm understanding of the U.S. international tax rules. The 2017 Tax Act, in particular, is critically important to tax and corporate professionals in all sectors.

PLI is offering an intensive, two-day program, Basics of International Taxation 2022, both online and live in New York and San Francisco, at which international tax experts will address specific types of outbound and inbound investment and activities, how the new U.S. tax rules address them, and what the corresponding U.S. tax consequences are. 

The panels will give special emphasis to how the U.S. tax rules impact financings, mergers, acquisitions, and other commercial activities. Other important topics to be covered include:

  • How to distinguish between situations where a U.S. investor should structure a foreign corporation to operate directly, and those where they should form a separate entity, under the new requirements of the 2017 Tax Act
  • How to identify the types of expenses that can be allocated to gross income
  • How to apply foreign tax credit baskets to the foreign income of U.S. shareholders in a controlled foreign corporation (“CFC”)
  • How to recognize the impact of the sale of CFC stock on the repatriation of earnings of a foreign corporation
  • How to identify foreign corporations whose U.S. owners are not subject to U.S. tax until a dividend

This program will benefit all professionals in corporations, law firms, and accounting firms who deal with cross-border transactions. Attendees will leave with a working knowledge of relevant U.S. international tax rules. Register today.

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