Lamar Jackson showed up for Ravens’ minicamp without new deal

Lamar Jackson actually showed up to Baltimore Ravens’ minicamp without a new contract.

It goes without saying that Lamar Jackson is a different cat, but he actually showed up to minicamp without putting pen to paper on a long-term extension with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from Louisville was the No. 32 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. In four years, Jackson has won NFL MVP, guided the Ravens to the AFC playoffs on multiple occasions and has made all of Charm City forget about Joe Flacco. However, he seems to be channeling his inner Joe Flacco by rolling the dice in a contract season and is betting on himself.

Keep in mind that Jackson represents himself with the guidance of his mother. Big Truss is keeping this very close to the vest, but could you even imagine how his “representation” would be acting right now if he showed up to minicamp without a long-term extension? The dude is playing with fire and might get burnt if he is not careful. This is his decision, but my goodness, is this terrifying.

Shockingly, here is Jackson showing up to Ravens’ minicamp in his fifth-year option season and being greeted by his Baltimore teammate Marlon Humphrey.

Unbelievably, Lamar Jackson showed up to Ravens minicamp without a contract

Look. Money may not be the thing that makes Jackson tick. He is clearly letting the current CBA and his 2018 draft slot dictate how the money falls for him. If he wants to go full-blown Kirk Cousins and embrace the power of the franchise tag, then by all means. However, his style of play makes him more vulnerable to a career-threatening injury. Just ask Robert Griffin III about that…

Should Jackson have another 2019 season in him this fall and the Ravens are a total wagon, he will be getting 2013 Joe Flacco money, no matter how reluctant he is to taking it. The problem is nothing we have seen out of Jackson’s playing style leads anyone outside of Maryland to believe the Ravens are capable of winning multiple playoff games with him under center in the deep AFC.

Well, here is to Jackson proving everyone wrong … again. He is a tremendous talent and the most exciting quarterback I ever had the pleasure to cover at the college level. But this is the NFL, better known as Not For Long. Jackson might be here to stay in the league, but the Ravens and their fan base should have apprehension over him showing up to camp without a long-term contract done.

He may rather let his play speak for himself, but the risk is too high to be this inherently reckless.

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