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Landlord Begs Law Firm To Stop ‘Toilet Abuse’

Plumber uncloging toiletEven multinational law firms with 1500+ attorneys in nine countries have to deal with the vagaries of the human condition. Don’t believe me? Take a look at an unfortunate incident taking place in the Birmingham, UK, location of Gowling WLG.

Building management posted the following notice — as reported by Roll on Friday — asking, nay, begging that “toilet abuse” on the floors occupied by the firm cease immediately.

Important Notice
Toilet Abuse

We are experiencing some very unhygienic toilet abuse. We would ask the person carrying out this abuse to stop this unacceptable behaviour immediately.

This has been reported to the Occupiers Senior Management who occupy these floors.

This is a Health and Safety issue for users of the facilities and the cleaning team that are having attend [sic] each incident.

Building Management

While the definition of “toilet abuse” is left in the minds of the beholder (and the firm has not commented on the incident(s)), it is pretty clear that whatever’s going on is both gross and unacceptable. Let’s just hope they can dispose of the matter quickly.

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