Latest firing is more proof that the Colts have absolutely no idea what they’re doing

At this point, we have no earthly idea what is going on with the Indianapolis Colts these days.

The Indianapolis Colts firing offensive coordinator Marcus Brady will surely solve all of their issues.

After benching Matt Ryan in favor of Sam Ehlinger, the Colts lost another dumb one, this time to the Washington Commanders at home. So the Colts traded for a future hall-of-fame quarterback, gave up a third-round pick to the Dirty Birds, only to later bench him for a guy who could not even bring Texas back. Nothing makes sense anymore in Indianapolis, as this bad team circles the drain.

The Colts are the equivalent of paying a barber $15 to do whatever the hell they want to their hair.

The sooner the Indianapolis Colts blow the thing up, the better off they will be

Look, I would prefer to be optimistic here, but how can you, honestly? Although Peyton Manning is not walking through that door and the next Andrew Luck you can ruin is not growing on a tree somewhere, get it together, Colts! You should be crushing it in the AFC South this season. Too bad you cannot beat the Titans and you cannot win in Duval for the life of you. Something has to give…

We all know what needs to happen. This has to be Frank Reich’s last year in Indianapolis. He is probably a great guy, but how can the Colts underperform this regularly? They have not won the AFC South since 2014. That was almost a decade ago. Even utterly toothless Jacksonville has won a division crown more recently than them. It has been all downhill ever since Pat McAfee retired.

Not only did the Colts fire their offensive coordinator after Ehlinger’s first career start and not even at the halfway point of Ryan’s first year with the team, but guess who you play next? The New England Patriots in Foxborough! Indianapolis’ perpetual nemesis looks to be that once again, and this is with Matt Patricia and Joe Judge back on the staff. This does not have to be this hard, man…

I get it. There has been rampant quarterbacking turnover, but trade some future picks and go get a blue-chipper coming out of college for once. It worked out with Manning and briefly with Luck. Don’t be afraid of the guy being the next Jeff George. Even then, he had generational arm talent. Where I think this is getting bad is they have not made up for losing former coordinator Nick Sirianni.

As the Colts continue to waste all of our time, Sirianni has taken Philadelphia by storm. He overcame the most awkward introductory press conference of all time to become the last man standing with an undefeated at this point of the season in year two. His team believes in itself and has a strong identity. The Colts are just making it up as they go along. We should never trust them.

If the Colts lose on the road to New England, Jim Irsay may have a complete and total meltdown.

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