Lions add insult to injury of Packers Week 11 loss

The Packers didn’t play on Sunday, but they still took a huge L. Their 2022 season is a whole lot of hot garbage at this point.

The Green Bay Packers should be looking toward 2023 at this point, and Sunday was just further confirmation of that. Without even playing on Sunday, the Detroit Lions twisted the knife for Packers fans.

Though the Packers had an opportunity on Thursday to increase their odds of qualifying for the playoffs to 20 percent, the Packers lost to the Titans and their playoff odds fell to five percent. After Sunday’s games, those odds rose just slightly to six percent according to FiveThirtyEight.

But a quick look at the division standings paints a depressing picture, as the Lions’ improbable win over the Giants on Sunday afternoon lifted them above the Packers in the NFC North.

The Lions have won three in a row and are now 4-6 heading into their annual Thanksgiving afternoon game. The Packers are 4-7. Of course, the Lions already handed the Packers a legitimate L in Week 9, but now they’ve handed them a proverbial one by jumping them in the standings.

Yes, the same Lions who started the season 1-7.

Packers are taking Ls left and right

The Packers having just four wins at this point in the year is bad enough, but they’re taking Ls on and off the field. Conceding the second slot in the NFC North to the Lions feels very bad, and the Packers took an L on Sunday as well when Adam Schefter reported Green Bay is no longer in the running for Odell Beckham Jr. because they aren’t competitive enough.

Green Bay has been so bad that the wins are stacking up on and off the field. At this point, you have to ask what the franchise’s plan is. Does Aaron Rodgers really want to run it back when he could easily just retire? If he does, where is the talent on this team that will keep them competitive?

Losing on Thursday was bad enough, but seeing the Lions win on Sunday? Even worse. And now, with the Lions playing on Thursday, they have a chance of gaining another game on the Packers before they get another shot against the Eagles on Sunday.

Rest in Peace to any chances at joy for Packers fans in 2022. Better luck next year.

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