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Loafers Are the Versatile MVPs of Footwear

Maybe it’s the urge to dress up for those in-office hybrid work days, or maybe it’s the rise of the “dark academia” aesthetic on TikTok. Perhaps we have the “Gossip Girl” reboot to thank, or those last two Miu Miu collections. Regardless, loafers are quickly becoming the MVPs of our footwear collections.

The loafer’s longstanding history — precursors of the slip-on date back to the moccasins of Indigenous groups — prove its timelessness. Classic variations including penny, horsebit and kiltie have been revamped time and time again for our ever-modernizing wardrobes. From chunky lug-soles to metallic finishes, there are now more options than ever for loafers that add a sophisticated, preppy (and sometimes edgy) energy to an outfit that a sneaker, sandal or boot just can’t quite achieve.

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