Mac Jones under fire for wildly kicking Bears defenders during MNF

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is in hot water after recklessly kicking Chicago Bears players during a loss on Monday Night Football. 

If Jaquan Brisker or any Chicago Bears player showed signs of anger towards New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, they would not be vilified.

Not after what happened on Monday Night Football Brisker looked to have been kicked by Jones when the quarterback was sliding.

While Brisker got his revenge with an interception in the 33-14 victory in Foxborough, the Windy City Faithful was outraged, and honestly, who could blame them? The Brian Burns incident from last year only adds to the fire.

Mac Jones is hurting his image after the incidents that took place on Monday Night Football.

The reality is this is more about the Bears than it is about Mac Jones. How so? For one, the team wasn’t even supposed to win. If you ask the experts, they would tell you that the Patriots were better and that the Bears had never won in Foxborough. They’ve beaten the Patriots, but not in Foxborough until now.

Moreover, just by watching the game, you could see just how resilient the Bears were and how defeated New England looked. Even when Mac Jones was eventually benched for Bailey Zappe, it didn’t faze the Bears. They just shrugged and moved on. Additionally, Justin Fields showed a sample of why he was taken ahead of Jones in the draft. It may be a one-game sample size, yet it was a very compelling case for the NFL jury of viewers.

The mobility that Fields showed, combined with having the patience to avoid a vicious hit (which should have been penalized), are just a few of the reasons why Fields heard his name called earlier than Jones. While Jones threw for just 13 yards compared to Fields’ 179, the way Fields was doing more with less and showcasing some of the physical gifts he possesses make a compelling argument.

That said, this game showed that Mac Jones might be young, but his reputation is taking a hit because of the kick. You do not want that to be what people know you for, see Vontaze Burfict. Is Jones on the same level as Burfict? Absolutely not, but if he continues to kick and do this reckless behavior, he could find himself in that conversation when he doesn’t need to be. It’s not a place you want to be.

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