Marvin Harrison Jr. had perfect Twitter reaction to USC losing to Utah

Ohio State’s Marvin Harrison Jr. had the perfect reaction after watching USC fumble its College Football Playoff bag in the Pac-12 Championship Game. 

It’s difficult to determine where the blame should be placed for the unexpectedness of the College Football Playoff chaos that awaits the world.

USC obviously deserves a lion’s share of the blame, as a loss in the Pac-12 Championship Game means the Trojans played themselves out of the playoff picture. All USC needed to do was beat Utah — which it failed to do earlier in the year — and its ticket was punched to the national semifinal.

Most of the viewing public also deserves blame for assuming things would go accordingly and that the Top 4 teams in the country would win this weekend and everything would stay the course. Only one title game has been played and ushered in this much chaos, so the notion that things will look the same way they do now when the selection committee gathers on Sunday morning is a foolish one.

With the loss to Utah, not only is USC out of the picture (barring a stunning favor by the selection committee) but it opened the door for the Ohio State Buckeyes to sneak back in.

It was already a fringe narrative heading into the game, but Ohio State now has the CFP in a chokehold and everyone — including the players — knows it.

Marvin Harrison Jr. reacts on Twitter to USC opening the CFP door for Ohio State

Simply put, Harrison knew exactly what the situation was after the Trojans lost on Friday night. As it became clear that USC was going to lose, the Buckeyes receiver took to Twitter to celebrate Ohio State’s luck.

Barring either chaos or the committee doing Olympics-level gymnastics to keep USC in the playoff, Ohio State is going to the College Football Playoff. The question now is how high will the Buckeyes climb?

Right now, Ohio State would slide into the No. 4 seed vacated by USC. That would set the Buckeyes up for a semifinal matchup with Georgia — assuming that the Dawgs don’t blow it to Brian Kelly and LSU.

If Kansas State pulls off a Big 12 Championship upset over TCU, that would likely move Ohio State up to No. 3, setting up a rematch against Michigan. In that scenario, Alabama should sneak back in and setup a matchup against Georgia — a matchup that paired with OSU-Michigan would be a dream for the committee.

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