Mets fans can’t stop crying about Spencer Strider’s comments

Despite losing four of five games to the New York Mets, Braves pitcher Spencer Strider had a simple message to his rival — see you in October.

Technically, the two teams meet several times before then. But after New York answered an early-August challenge at Citi Field, Atlanta rookie pitcher Spencer Strider made sure his team kept matters in perspective, as well as the opponent.

“[There were] a lot of weird hits,” Strider said of the outing, per Justin Toscano of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “[The Mets] seem to be having a lot of luck right now offensively. That’s great. It’s August. (We’ll) see what things are like in October.”

Braves: Spencer Strider offers plenty of blame for rough weekend vs Mets

Strider went on to blame the umpires for some long Mets at-bats, as well as inflating his pitch count.

“It helps when they’re getting calls and 1-1 counts turn to 2-1 counts instead of 1-2 counts, and stuff like that,” Strider said. “When your BABIP is .330, .340 as a team, it’s tough to get quick innings and get quick outs.”

Strider reached three-ball counts in six of the batters he faced over the weekend. In just over seven innings pitched, he’s thrown 182 pitches, per the New York Post.

Mets fans, of course, latched on to these comments and then some. While Strider is technically correct in saying that the division race (and more) won’t be decided until October, he could give the Mets some credit for their performance thus far this season.

There were plenty more where that came from.

Strider’s comments come from a good place — he wants to take the onus off his poor performance and his teammates after a tough series on the road. However, it’s okay to just admit the Braves will get ’em next time.

By deflecting blame, it gives New York fans the ammo they crave.

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