MLB Insider thinks Mets could torture Yankees fans with free agency

One MLB insider thinks it’s possible for the Mets to make a cross-town play for Aaron Judge, which would put the hurt on Yankees fans.

New York Yankees fans really ought to appreciate what they’ve gotten to watch this season with Aaron Judge’s blistering-hot home run performance.

For one, it’s just a downright all-time season, easily the best offensive season since Roger Maris in 1961 and possibly the best since Babe Ruth.

But on the other hand, it needs to be appreciated because it could be the last they get to see of Judge in pinstripes after his impressive seven years with the team. His lingering free agency and the organization’s failure to secure him before the season prompted this unreal performance and sets him up for a blank-check offseason with whatever team he wants and has the highest bid.

When it’s all said and done, he might stay in New York… But it might not be with the Yankees.

One MLB Insider thinks the Mets could make a play for Aaron Judge to torture Yankees

Ken Rosenthal talked about Judge, the Yankees, and the Mets on Thursday night during the Mets-Pirates game.

Rosenthal thinks Cohen being a throwback Mets fan will play into the calculus for at least throwing the Mets’ hat in the ring for Judge:

“With Judge, Steve Cohen is a classic Mets fan. I grew up here, and what Mets fans love most is to torture the Yankees. So, even if he can’t get Judge, I have a hard time imagining he will not at all make a bid or at least show interest. If only to drive up the price for the Yankees. And if the Mets season does not end as successfully as they want it to, why wouldn’t they be interested in Aaron Judge?”

Now, the Mets getting into the market just to drive the price up is, OK, something that could happen, but will they need to if that’s the ultimate goal? Judge’s unreal 2022 is going to create an unreal market all on its own, whether the Mets decide to participate or not. The only way Cohen and the Mets will actually torture the Yankees and its fans is if they really land Judge, or make a convincing enough offer that his decision is down to Queens or the Bronx, just to make the Yankee fans sweat a little.

If the Mets can do something unthought of and really land Judge, the future Subway Series will be incredibly painful for Yankees fans for the foreseeable future.

The only thing that would be more painful is if he went to the Red Sox, an idea he didn’t exactly shut down when asked about it.

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