New context proves Jets player illegally blocked wasn’t even eligible

The New York Jets faced a tough Week 11 loss to the New England Patriots, and there was controversy on if Justin Hardee could’ve stopped it.

The Jets held the Patriots to just three points for the entire Week 11 game before rookie Marcus Jones ran an explosive 83-yard touchdown in the final minute of the game to win it.

New York was then faced with a rough 10-3 loss, and many wonder if the outcome would’ve been different had Mack Wilson been called for an illegal block.

Wilson and the refs both saw the block as legal, and a new perspective shows that Justin Hardee, the player thought to be illegally blocked, was running out of bounds for roughly 15 yards. Though unfortunate for the Jets, there just seems to be more and more evidence that the block truly was a moot point.

Wilson shared his perspective, stating, “I feel like I was in front of him and I feel like it was pretty clean. I was going to be super disappointed if they would’ve called it. I’m just happy they didn’t and we was able to get the win…As I was running, I felt confident that I was in front of him. That’s why I blocked him the way I did. I feel like, if it was close, I probably would’ve just given him a [push].”

Hardee, however, seems quite disappointed in himself for the outcome.

Justin Hardee isn’t cutting himself much slack in the Jets 10-3 loss

It’s understandable that Hardee isn’t too happy with the outcome. Jones flew down the field with the ball through a long, hard game (quite possibly the least eventful one of Week 11).

He took full blame for the incident, stating, “I got triple teamed, two guys on the line and one guy back, all game. No excuses, I made some plays, but they got the better of me that time. I tried to go down and track him down, and it wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t up to my standards or the Jets standards. Put it on me. I’m always going to point the finger at myself first.”

He further shared that he felt as though it was a penalty, but that he understands it’s the refs call to make and all he can do is continue to work hard. He certainly didn’t go easy on himself, however, sharing, “I’m heartbroken and feel like I let my team down.”

The loss was undoubtedly a tough one to take for the Jets, but Hardee seems to be using it as motivation to continue working.

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