Ohio State fans roast Notre Dame for conference drama

Ohio State fans rip Notre Dame over their independent status on ESPN’s College GameDay.

Death, taxes and Notre Dame remaining forever independent…

In a day and age where teams are switching leagues faster than we can keep up with, the Fighting Irish will refuse to join a conference in football under any circumstances. Ahead of their Week 1 road date at THE Ohio State, Buckeyes fans had a little fun at their expense during ESPN’s College GameDay. This sign was a better representation of the sport than Jack Harlow could ever muster.

When asked to join a conference or pick up 25 cards in Uno, Notre Dame will gladly do the latter.

Ohio State fans crush independent Notre Dame with this College GameDay sign

Geographically, Notre Dame makes the most since in the Big Ten. The Irish hail from South Bend, Indiana, so they play in a state with two other conference members in Indiana and Purdue. Historically, the Irish have a rivalry with the Michigan Wolverines. Factor in annual rival USC joining the league in two years along with UCLA, and you can understand why people are clamoring for it.

Of course, Notre Dame has that sweet television contract with NBC, which plays a huge part in them remaining independent. Yes, the university can argue for playing teams like Navy, Stanford and USC annually as reasons to stay, but this is all about money. With the Big Ten getting into business with NBC, it would not be shocking to see the Irish finally join a conference in due time.

However, they retain a loose affiliation with the ACC in football, as well as play the bulk of their other sports in that league, just like in the old Big East before that. Ultimately, Notre Dame is only going to join a conference if they are financially crippling itself by not doing so. Then again, if they can make the expanded College Football Playoff with great regularity, that might not matter.

Expect Notre Dame to draw 25 cards in Uno as long as it makes sense to remain independent.

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