Packers frustrating loss made worse by massive hit to defense

The Packers lost to the Lions, but injury news after the game made the loss sting even more.

The Green Bay Packers are 3-6 and trending downward, handing the Detroit Lions their second win of the season on Sunday. And let’s be clear, while the Lions get the tally in the win column, the Packers are responsible.

Aaron Rodgers threw three red zone interceptions. Passes were dropped. Green Bay refused to run the ball on the one-yard line. The people beating the Packers this season are wearing green and yellow. Lil Wayne even wants Aaron Rodgers gone.

And while the loss to a horrible Lions team stings bad enough, they got even worse news after the game.

Defensive lineman Rashan Gary is believed to have torn his ACL and is expected to be out for the season.

Rashan Gary injury piles more bad on the heaping pile of garbage that is the Packers

Losing Gary is a big loss. He has over 30 tackles this year, 21 of them solo. He also has six sacks and 12 QB hits.

The Packers, quite frankly, have not done themselves any favors to be able to earn the right to complain about stuff like this. Every team faces injuries every year, it’s a fact of life when you play a game as brutal as football.

It’s fine to groan and moan when you’re doing everything you can to win the game otherwise and you suffer a season-changing injury. The Packers, though, are not in that situation. They refused to make a move at the trade deadline and repeatedly fail to utilize Aaron Jones in situations where they just need a single yard. It’s befuddling.

When you are shooting yourself in the foot as it is, you don’t have room to be able to handle bad luck. It’s not the Packers’ fault that Rashan Gary got injured, but they sure aren’t doing much to help their circumstance.

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