Red Sox are learning from Yankees mistakes with Rafael Devers

The Boston Red Sox have a lot to improve upon during the offseason, and they may finally be learning from their rivals mistakes.

The Boston Red Sox have a lot to improve upon during the offseason. They had many faults over the regular season and were the only team in the AL East to finish below .500. They’re facing a dilemma with Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts, but they may finally be learning from their rivals, the New York Yankees, mistakes.

According to Yancen Pujols, the Red Sox are currently working on signing Devers to an extension for at least seven seasons.

Pujols tweeted, “Sources: The Red Sox are moving to secure Rafael Devers long-term. The ongoing talks with Devers camp are being led by a senior club executive who is currently in the Dominican Republic. Their goal is to sign Devers, who turns 26 today, to an extension for at least 7 seasons.”

Not extending Devers or Bogaerts would be an unwise move from the Red Sox perspective. In a season where not much consistency existed on the team itself, those two always held things down as much as two players possibly could. Devers ended the regular season leading the team in home runs (27), RBIs (88), slugging percentage (.521) and OPS (.879).

Bogaerts led the team in most offensive stats that Devers didn’t, including hits (171), walks (57), batting average (.307) and on-base percentage (.377). The two tied for most runs (84). Devers trailed slightly behind in all stats that Bogaerts led.

Though they’ve been criticized for not moving quickly enough, they’re seeming to move full force now on Devers, if the reports are true.

Boston — if they’re smart — will get a deal done with Devers shortly rather than wait, in similar fashion to the Yankees and Aaron Judge.

Red Sox should learn from Yankees mistake

The biggest target possibly leaving New York is Aaron Judge. Judge broke a 61-year single-season home run record this season, and he nearly had a triple crown campaign. His performance in the postseason was a bit disappointing, but he had one of the biggest impacts on the team in the regular season. He had a big part in helping the Yanks win the division.

Other solid players entering free agency include Andrew Benintendi, Matt Carpenter and Anthony Rizzo.

For Boston’s sake, we can only hope they aren’t in similar territory with Devers next offseason.

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