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Regulator Thisclose To Fining Deutsche Bank For Money-Laundering Woes, As If That Hasn’t Be Tried Before

Fines for anti-money-laundering failures? Deutsche Bank’s paid’em. Lots of ‘em, in fact. There was the $625 million paid to British and American regulators for helping Russian baddies spirit $10 billion out of that country. There was the €22 million paid to its hometown prosecutors office for sloppiness with suspicious activity reports, especially those regarding a certain Assad family of Syria. There was the $150 million paid to New York State’s Department of Financial Services for some other Russian money laundering via Estonia and Denmark, as well as helping a noted convicted pederast keep his millions clean. Another $26.3 million to quiet shareholders unhappy about the same. And all that’s even after the bank incredibly managed to avoid levies for its alleged role in the 1MDB scandal or for its work on behalf of the former president of the United States.

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